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   Chapter 302 Let Me Go Or I'll Call The Police (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5609

Updated: 2020-07-20 00:02

After parting with Hayden, Mino lay on the bed to rest.

The man's face kept flashing through her mind. He was so handsome, even more handsome than male star.

His domineering face and melancholy eyes made him look like a hero in the idol drama.

Unfortunately, he was not smart enough to learn how to cheat others. She should have told them just now that she didn't have money and she was using other people's money now.

Mino didn't feel sleepy for a long time, so she turned on the TV.

'Why can't they speak some Chinese? This was keep her from watching TV on purpose.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

Did Hayden come to find her for dinner? Without wearing her shoes, Mino jumped off the bed and opened the door.

When she opened the door, she was stunned. Wasn't he the brainless handsome man just now?

Mino was about to close the door, but he stopped her.

"I'm telling you, don't mess around. I'm a taekwondo white belt level ten. If I hurt you accidentally later, I won't be responsible for it!" Mino squeezed into the crack of the door to prevent him from coming in, but her body was doing a straight line movement at the moment.

Ryan pushed her to the bed and closed the door.

White belt? This girl was still unable to tell the level as before. The white belt was the entry level.

"Don't come over. My boyfriend is next door. If you come near again, I will call him!" Mino said casually, trying to frighten the man in front of her, but it seemed that she was the one who was frightened.

He looked terrible. Why did he have to come to her? Was he a man abandoned by Cherry? But she didn't remember that Cherry had dated such a

she wanted.

When the door was opened, Mino rubbed her eyes sleepily and poked her head out.

"I'm so sleepy. I want to sleep a little longer. What's wrong?" [米诺] didn't push the door open, but stood at the door in order to stop him from coming in.

She was sleeping, and he wouldn't ask to come in.

Hayden didn't notice what Mino was thinking at all. He was amazed the moment he saw her.

Messy hair and casual dressing, her casual character was exactly what Hayden liked most.

"Hay? Hay? " Mino shook her hand in front of him. Because of her action, the shirt on her shoulder slipped down an inch again, revealing her collarbone.


Hearing his own swallowing sound, he immediately lowered his eyes.

"Then you go to bed first. I'll call you at dinner later." As soon as Hayden ran back to his room, someone was still in a daze.

'Why does he run away? I won't do anything to him. It's so strange.'

"Still looking? He had already gone afar. " Ryan walked out from behind the door and said jealously.

Mino glared at him, indicating that what happened to me has nothing to do with you!

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