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   Chapter 301 Meet Again But Do Not Know Each Other (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5380

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:12

"Don't wake her up. Come to me." With Mino in his arms, of course, Hayden was not a match for Ryan and James, so he just keep dodging, not running.

"I should have said this to you. Let her go!" Ryan's eyes had already turned red. He was angry but more distressed.

He was angry that she lived in peace with Hayden while he was worried about her day and night. Had she ever thought of him?

He felt sorry for her because she was so sleepy. She must couldn't have a good rest these days. 'This girl loves bed. She can't sleep well without her own bed. '

"En..." When the two sides were in a stalemate, Mino let out a soft groan, and her butterfly like eyelashes flickered two times.

"Wake up, Noo." With his eyes fixed on Ryan, Hayden leaned close to Mino and said.

His voice was very light, but it seemed to have magic, because Mino was awakened.

When Ryan heard what he called her, blue veins stood out on his hands, but he controlled himself.

He had too much to say to Mino. But he didn't want to see her to see his anger when they meet again.

"Hay, what's going on?" Mino rubbed her eyes and didn't realize that she was in the arms of Hayden at all.

Hearing how she called Hayden, Ryan couldn't bear it anymore.

"Mino!!! Come here!" His voice was as cold as the cold weather in March, which made Mino tremble subconsciously. Hayden held her even tighter.

Mino came to her senses at this time and asked for coming down from his arms, Hayden did not object.

Putting his coat on her shoulder, Hayden didn't stop Mino from doing anything. He just stood quietly beside her.



"R! Y! A! N!" When he said it word by word, Ryan saw that Mino repeated it too. He expected her to have some reaction after hearing his name, but he was disappointed again.

"Ryan? I remember. Can I leave now? " Mino just wanted to run away as soon as possible. She didn't tell anyone. Since she saw this man, her head began to ache faintly, and every time she looked at his eyes, it would be even more painful.

After entering the elevator, Mino and Ryan stood opposite each other. Just before the elevator door slowly closed, she saw Ryan smiling.

Different from the cold smile before, it was a very warm smile.

At the last moment when the door was closed, Mino stretched out her hand and stop the elevator.

The relaxed expression on Hayden's face instantly tensed up, but Mino didn't notice that because he was standing behind her.

Seeing Mino stretch out her hand, Ryan's smile widened. He knew she wouldn't leave him.

Ten hours, he arrived here. In the past seven days, he barely had a good sleep. He just wanted to find her, his wife.

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