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   Chapter 300 Meet Again But Do Not Know Each Other (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5731

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"I don't want to be a fat woman, let alone a fat belly. I won't eat anything from tomorrow on!" Mino said in a very serious tone, but when she saw the look in Hayden's eyes, she was like a deflated ball.

She seemed to be able to eat much more than she came here before, even more than him. Look at her belly. It became so carelessly.

"Don't worry. If no one wants you, I'm here. I want you." Hayden took out a small bottle. Mino was a little moved before, but now it was all gone.

"Medicine again!" She didn't understand why she had to take medicine every day even though she was not sick? Hayden said that it was because she fainted last time, so he asked his doctor friend to prescribe these medicine.

"Be a good girl. Let's ride a bike when we get back. What do you think?" Every time Hayden coaxed her to take medicine, it became the happiest moment for him, because she was just a child, pouting a second ago, but the next second

"Really? Don't lie to me. " After getting the positive answer, Mino's face was full of smile. She knew that Hayden had never lied to her.

Finally, she forced herself to take the medicine. She took a few mouthfuls of water before swallowing it. But she choked again.

"Don't hurry. Take your time." Hayden patted her gently on her back. His gentle action and concerned eyes were the dream lover of all the female employees in the shop.

"Hello, Sir. Have a girlfriend?" A lovely girl walked up to them and said such a straightforward sentence under Mino's confused gaze.

Although her English was taught by the PE teacher, she could still understand what the girl meant.

Mino turned to look at Hayden and found that he was also looking at her. She smiled awk

ity guards were sensible enough to support their bike, and Hayden picked up Mino horizontally.

It seemed that she was really a little heavier. Did she eat too much recently?

Hugging the woman in his arms, Hayden was in a good mood and didn't notice the man who had just got out of the car.

Ryan couldn't forget what he had just seen. She wrapped her arms around his waist obediently and his picked her up like a princess. This scene was too dazzling.

He had thought that Hayden would imprison Mino, but now, they got along so well.

Ryan would not deny that he was jealous, very jealous.

"Hayden!" Ryan shouted at the door and rushed there at full speed.

Without any delay, James rushed to the other direction.

The two of them thought that when Hayden saw them, he would definitely run away. Compared with one against two, he would definitely suffer losses.

But they were wrong. The moment he saw Ryan, he said something that Ryan would never forget.

You are finally here.

Why did he say that? Why did he say that? Ryan thought about all kinds of possibilities, but it didn't affect him from robbing his woman.

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