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   Chapter 298 Mr. Hayden Has Hidden Too Deep (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5598

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:02

"What's the matter?" Sitting in his secret study, Ryan looked indifferent.

Here was once the favorite place for Mino and Colin, because it had the most advanced equipment. The two of them used to play games on this computer, their laughter could be heard everywhere, but now it was very quiet.

"Mr. Ryan, Mr. Hayden... He went to M country a week ago. The surveillance camera has recorded that he was alone before he boarded the plane. " James reported the latest information to Ryan. In fact, he felt ashamed for taking so long to get the news of Hayden, who had hidden too deep.

"The passenger list of that flight." Ryan's face was expressionless and arrogant. From the moment Hayden robbed Mino, he had already challenged Ryan's bottom line. He must pay for it.

"Here." As soon as he inserted the U disk into the computer, a name list appeared on the screen.

Ryan saw the ending of the first name. All the names looked normal, because none of them was named Mino.

"Check their nationality, social network and latest news." Ryan sat with his arms crossed all the time, and his eyes never leave the screen.

"Yes, sir!" James' fingers moving quickly on the screen, the sweat on his head dripped from time to time and was quickly wiped away.

He had never thought about this. If Hayden had sent someone to board Mino in advance, then of course he would be alone.

"I found it!" With James' cry of surprise, Ryan's face changed. The cold air he emitted condensed in the space of more than 100 square meters.

When Mr. Yuan abdicated, he said that Ryan was born to be a king. With his leadership, the Yuan Family would definitely reach the peak.

Pine M

n kept his mouth shut all the time. No one dared to open the tiger's mouth. Only those who didn't want to live would do so.

"Ryan. What a coincidence!"

Following the voice, Ryan saw the most hated people he doesn't want to see at the moment.


"What? It's a rare coincidence. Can't you give me a ride, Ryan? I heard that you booked the plane to M country. So as your ex-wife, I have to beg you. "

Dressed in an Armani Limited Edition business suit, Rose revealed her curvaceous figure. With an enchanting makeup, she looked impeccable.

When she said the first sentence, all the reporters present had stretched their necks to listen. Now, they were even more excited.

"Mr. Ryan, is your wife missing? Was she kidnapped or what? Are you going to M country to pay the ransom? "

"Mr. Ryan, did your wife run away from home? I heard that your wife has been engaged in detective work recently. Is it because you don't give her living expenses? Or is it because her was imprisoned by you and lost freedom? "

"Mr. Ryan, please say something. You will make your fans sad, please say something!"

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