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   Chapter 286 I Am Such A Pure Beauty (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5692

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Mino made up her mind to leave, but she bumped into someone when she turned around.

Fuck! What a coincidence! She met Cherry!

"Wait!" Cherry grabbed Mino's clothes and smiled slyly. "I think who you are. Why don't you even know your sister after your vacation? Mino, how dare you! "

"Lady, you must have mistaken. I am 77." It was not good to meet Cherry who was silly. If Linda knew that she was the one she wanted to strangle, she would not have to live.

"77? Which 77? Aren't you called Mino? Why are you called 77?" The smile on Cherry's face became more cunning. Mino almost knelt down and asked her to let her go.

"She was called 77. What's wrong?" Seeing that Mino was stopped, Linda rushed over to support her.

Although Mino liked to act against her, she didn't allow anyone to bully her.

"Miss, this is our family matter. I'm afraid you can't interfere! Besides, I know her name without you telling me! " It was not easy to offend Cherry. The two of them quarreled as soon as they met, and Mino wanted to take the opportunity to slip away.

"Lady, 77 is my friend. Her business is my business. If you have something to say, just tell me." The two of them held Mino's hand with one hand. Even if Mino had the ability, she couldn't run away.

"Hey, two beautiful ladies, let's have a drink."

As soon as Mino finished her words, the faces of the two darkened.



Mino wiped the saliva on her face and decided to shut up, but she still looked at Cherry, hoping that she would not be so stupid as to be incurable.

"Hey, isn't this Cherry? Why are you here?" An old bald man in his fifties walked up to Cherry and touched her buttocks.

Mino recognized t

you buy it?" Touching her forehead gently, Cherry felt like she had misled two good girl.

Come on, they were both experienced women. Why were they still like primary school students who did not know the sex? They haven't eaten pork before. Haven't they seen a pig run away?

With the things in her hands, Cherry explained them carefully, from ancient times to modern times, and from the instructions of use to the matters needing attention.

She had thought that the two would scream and feel ashamed after hearing it, but she was wrong.

"This is so thick! The asshole would be broken! The punishment in ancient times was too cruel. It was better to deal with women. 99, I've learned a lot today. I thought it was used to smash things."

"Yes, I thought it was a lollipop at first. But the jade is so poor. What if it broke accidentally? Wasn't the person who was punished more miserable? Sister, does it have the size?"

"……" The corners of Cherry's mouth twitched fiercely. She was such a pure flower that she was just cut off by them.

Why didn't they talk about other tools? Anyway, she had nothing to do recently.

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