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   Chapter 283 Things About Men

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Ryan fell asleep soon. As long as Mino was there, he could always sleep so comfortably and just wanted to sleep all the time.

In fact, the reason why Ryan didn't mention what had happened before was because of the man's self-esteem. He hoped that through his own efforts, Mino could reconcile with him, not his constant explanation.

On the second day, when Mino woke up, she was surprised and pleased to see the scene in the room.

Thousands of paper cranes hung in the room one by one, and each of them had words written on it.

Mino stood on the bed in pajamas and turned one of the paper cranes over, with five words "I'm sorry for my wife" written on it.

She smiled and was in a good mood.

Then, she looked through several more paper cranes, and the contents on each of them were different.

I'm was wrong. Please forgive me!

My dear wife, please don't be angry. MUA!

I will love you for the rest of my life and never let you go!

All kinds of sweet words moved Mino to tears. She had never expected that Ryan would be so romantic!

In another room, Ryan was sitting on the sofa with red wine in his hand. A pile of colorful paper was piled up on the table in front of him.

The five bodyguards were painstakingly folding paper into a thousand paper jars.

The two bodyguards picked up these folded paper cranes and only chose the good-looking ones.

In addition, three bodyguards were looking for something with the tablet PC in their hands. Every time they saw a good sentence, they would record it and give it to the only person who wrote it, which was James.

Because he could imitate Ryan's handwriting. Although it was not one hundred percent the same, people wouldn't find it if he didn't look carefully.

It was really hard for him to write these words since three o'clock in the morning. He had written all the love words in his life.

The more I love you, the happier I will be.

And you are my goddess, irreplaceable.

While writing, he gritted his teeth. James was so jealous that his teeth were about to fall.

"Mr. Ryan, is that enough?" James' hands were numb. Looking at the pile of paper cranes in front of him, he decided that he would no longer like animals like crane in the future.

"Okay, put these inside." Ryan pointed at the empty plate on the table. He wanted to give Mino a surprise.

Ryan stood up and stretched his muscles. Then he walked towards the room. She should be awake too.

A new day came.

"Baby, are you awake?"

Seeing Ryan come in, Mino cried even harder.

"What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?" Ryan naturally held her on his legs and put his palm on her stomach.

"I'm fine. I'm moved by you. Did you stay up all night?" Mino took a look. There were so many paper cranes in the room, and it should take a lot of time to finish them.

"Well, I haven't slept all night. Should you reward me?"

Hearing Ryan's words, James swung at the door more fiercely. His hand was cramping, but his boss was so shameless that he took all the credit.

Come on, it was him who didn't sleep all night!

Mino thought she should reward him, so she gave him a morning kiss on the face.

"Not enough!" Ryan straightened her face and wanted to kiss her, but Mino escaped.



"Damn it! You've got a rich husband? Wow. This is a limited edition. I didn't expect you to have a good taste. " Linda walked around Mino. Her eyes were like a radar, scanning out the value of Mino's clothes.

"Well, I..." Mino giggled. When she was thinking about how to answer, she said again.

"You don't have to explain. It's normal for a rich man to fall in love with you since you're so kind, but you have to change your temper. And don't throw things so easily. And... "

Hearing Linda's words about her shortcomings, Mino felt that she didn't even need to do any explanation.

Seeing the puzzled look in Ryan's eyes, Mino didn't know how to introduce her. If he knew that she was the fiancee of Hayden, would he use her to force Hayden to show up?

No, she couldn't. Although she hadn't known Linda for a long time, she liked this frank girl very much. Although sometimes she spoke too straightforward and her temper was worse than hers.

"She's my friend Linda, Ryan. I want to have a talk with her alone."

After getting the confirmation from Ryan, she took Linda to the door of the hotel.

"Linda, I'm really sorry just now. In fact, I didn't find a rich husband. I was kidnapped. It's just that the kidnapper disguised himself."

After Mino finished her words, she admired herself for believing the lie.

"Damn it! The kidnappers are so handsome recently. Why no person kidnap me?" Linda's disappointed look made Mino speechless.

She was protected by a platoon of soldiers. Anyone who was unhappy would just give a bullet. Who dared to kidnap such a person?

"Don't worry. I'll protect you. He's alone. I'll ask someone to kill him now!"

Even Linda was more loyal to her than Cherry to her. But if she knew that she was Mino, the fake enemy of her, she didn't know if she would kill her.

"No, he is the boss of this organization. The reason why I am with him is to stabilize him first. There are many of his partners here. We can't act rashly."

Mino analyzed the current plot for her and described herself as a good person who had to go into the core of the enemy and obtain information for the sake of the master's belongings.

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