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   Chapter 263 Time Travel

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Although Cherry thought so, she didn't dare to say it publically.

And ten eunuch's eyes quickly returned to Mino.

"Yes, we are new here." Mino answered. Anyway, he couldn't have seen them before. They were new here.

"Oh, I see... Look at me. I was delayed by my identity. In fact, I just came here not long ago and was appreciated by Miss Rose, so I became the housekeeper. From now on, you can tell me anything you want. If you want to transfer to my building, I ca make it in one word."

The eunuch shook the dust gently and smiled sinisterly.

Mino looked up at him and quickly lowered her head. This eunuch was so poisoned that she got goose skin at a glance.

"Thanks for your loving." Bah! She would go dancing and writing if she knew so. This eunuch was so destructive.

"You don't have to thank me. After the party, I'll invite you and your friend to have tea together. Even your ladyship appreciates my tea."

Seeing the man in front of her with his fingers crossed, Mino felt like vomiting.

She wanted to leave this damned place as soon as possible, but Cherry kept winking at her.

"Steward, I just came here, so I don't know the rules. Do you have time? Can you tell me what the purpose of today's banquet is, who are there, and who is beside miss?"

Mino didn't let the eunuch do anything until she saw the appreciation in Cherry eyes. Oh, no, it was the steward.

Hearing her question, the Steward let go of her hand and looked around.

"Don't you know that if Miss Rose knows that you are asking me these questions, you are not just fired? Maybe you will be snapped at some time."

Mino thought what he said was too exaggerated. Although Rose was different from before, she wouldn't be like this.

"I'm sorry, steward. Please don't tell her. I'm so scared." She was really ready to risk everything. Seeing that Cherry was trying her best to perform and let her do what she wanted, Mino really couldn't pretend.

My queen, I can't do it!

"What's your name?" The housekeeper held Mino's little hand and rubbed it, with a particularly shameless and charming smile on his face.

It took Mino a lot of effort to hold back her vomiting. She really didn't know why this woman's man didn't take a fancy to a fairy like Cherry, but to herself.

"Mimi." Mino replied with a silly smile.

"Mimi, don't tell anyone else what I'm going to tell you. You can at most tell this woman. Do you hear me?" When the eunuch said this, he pointed at Cherry. Mino couldn't help but spit it out on his face.

Old lady?! Cherry was so angry that her face turned pale. She just put on more makeup. Why did he say that?

For the sake of fifty thousand dollars, she wrote it down first.

This eunuch was not angry at all. Instead, he was very happy and told Mino everything about the banquet.

Finally, the eunuch walked away with satisfaction after Mino promised repeatedly that she would go to his room for tea in the evening.

"Fuck! I wish I could cut off this palm. It makes me sick." Mino found a pond and kept washing her hands. She was about to peel off her skin.

"Why do I feel that there is something wrong with Rose's sw

e made it clear to me that you will go far away, but you shamelessly seduce a married man!'

Although Mino had moved out and hated Ryan very much. However, what belonged to her belonged to her, especially men. She couldn't let anyone have a finger in it.

"Shh. Shush! " Looking at the expressionless woman standing there, Cherry had used up all her strength.

In fact, dancing was not difficult for her. After following her for a few times, she almost made no mistake.

But two minutes ago, she saw Mino standing there like a fool, looking ferocious as if she was going to tear someone apart.

"Mino, everyone is looking at you. Wake up!" Cherry sneaked over and patted her two times before she came to her senses.

When she saw that everyone was looking at her, she was so frightened that she fell to the ground. Unfortunately, not only did she expose her ears, but also her tail.

Cherry took a deep breath and tried to cover her with her body, but she stepped on Mino's "tail". Just as Mino was about to stand up, the two of them fell to the ground together.

"It hurts!" Mino cried out in surprise, because when she fell down, Cherry's elbow just hit her head.

Although her voice was very light, the people sitting in the first row could still hear her.

Ryan was drinking and looked at the stage.

Although Mino was covered with thick foundation, he recognized her at the first sight.

Why is she here?

At this moment, he found that Rose also looked at Mino in the same way as he did. In order to distract her attention, Ryan lifted her chin with his hand and turned to him.

"You look gorgeous today." These words were not against her will, but in order to give Mino some time to escape.

"Let's go." After getting up, she took Mino's hand and left, but she refused.

"Are you interested? Even if he really gets back together with her, you can't stop him. Don't forget that you have moved out of Yuan Family. "

Cherry broke her dream ruthlessly to wake her up.

At this time, Mino smiled. She still had a task to finish. She was looking for a man, but not him, Ryan.

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