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   Chapter 262 Sneak In! (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5828

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There was a laptop on Baron's lap. While Cherry was driving, Mino was focusing the camera.

It was the first time that the three of them went out. Cherry said that they must do a good business, or each of them would get a box of instant noodles next month.

When they arrived at the place where the banquet was held, the three of them were shocked by the magnificent building in front of them. As far as they knew, Mino was female master of Yuan Family, who was experienced and experienced, was also shocked.

This was not only majestical, but also cost a lot of money.

It was just like a face. An ordinary person could use a self-made mask, but she chose the best one from the imported masks.

What a waste!

Baron transferred the screen to Mino. He had already hacked into the network of one of the monitors. As long as he walked through the network, he could see it.

"Stop!" Mino held a photo of the man in her hand. She was about to look for him, but she saw several familiar people, one of whom was Ryan.

"He, he, he..." Mino had said a few "he", but she couldn't finish her sentence.

"Damn it! Why is he here? And that woman! Damn it! She has become the queen of beauty!" Cherry turned around from the driver's seat and was shocked when she saw the screen.

Hearing her words, Mino found that the woman who was leaning against Ryan was Rose, who had been missing for half a year.

Seeing her again, Mino didn't know what she felt, but when she saw her hand casually put her hand on Ryan's body, she immediately looked away.

"Mino, how about you don't show up this time? I'll go with Baron." Cherry didn't give up and waited outside, because it would be more troublesome to identify which one the man was in the da

Mino immediately lowered their heads and learned to walk.

"Be careful. Relax. No one will recognize you."

"Got it." Mino was really worried about being recognized, but there was no accident until this group of people passed by.

Mino took a deep breath and calmed down. This time, she had the guts.

When the two were about to look for the banquet hall, they were stopped.

From the moment she entered the small door, she felt that she had traveled to ancient world. Whether the scenery or the figures, they all looked like ancient people.

"Stop!" A strange voice sounded behind the two, breaking Mino's meditation.

"Which floor are you from?"

A man in eunuch's clothes walked up to the two of them. His eyes were like a lock, locking Mino's whole body. She even felt difficult to breathe.

"Floor?" Did all the women here come from the brothel? Or did they really travel to ancient world? Even eunuch appeared.

"Yes. Are you new here? Haven't you got a new floor yet?" The eunuch looked around Mino and finally fixed his eyes on Cherry.

I really had a bad luck this year. The old man was also a man even if he's old, but this one...

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