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   Chapter 261 Sneak In! (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 6073

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He had no feelings for any woman, but he had to admit that the two sisters were indeed amazing today.

But he had a feeling that despair was hidden in Sherry's eyes, which he had seen on his wife's face.

"You are wrong. She is not afraid of anyone." After saying that, Ryan went straight into the living room, not caring whether she would lose her balance and fall.

Williams deliberately slowed down his pace and saw that there was no difference on Rose's face.

It was precisely because of this that this woman was even more terrifying.

In the YW detective office, Lily had asked Baron to print out some advertising paper early in the morning.

Mino also wanted to help, but Cherry was afraid that she would be recognized, so she stayed with her in a daze.

"Come and have a look. I have built a website for our law office." Baron turned the computer to the two people opposite.

It was an eye-catching title and advertising words. Below it were some consulting and past achievements, which were really shocking.

"Baron, are you always working on the computer these days?" Mino bit her finger in surprise. This was too amazing. He had finished building such a large-scale website in a few days.

"It's so comprehensive. Baron, I will give you bonus this month." Cherry was so excited that she almost kissed the screen.

She was right. Such a genius who could cook, clean the bathroom and build a website didn't need bonus but invested more. He was so good.

"Dear, it depends on that you are able to put us on salary." Mino didn't mean to disappoint on her, but... Intensively.

"You ungrateful bastard! I will provide you with food and drink, and you curse me not to be able to pay my salary! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have kept another person!"

Cherry was just kidding. Mino kne

Lily, it should be that she thought Lily was a rural woman and behaved herself. It could be said that such kind of thing could not be seen in the public, not to mention that the couple had cheated on each other, so they found a small detective office, and they were honest and behaved themselves.

When they saw the materials, they were in a dilemma. This man was a real estate celebrity with billions of assets. No wonder she had provided so much commission.

But it was difficult to track his whereabouts. It was said that he was attending a banquet today. If they could meet him there, it would be much easier to catch mistress next time.

"This is a private party. We can't get into it." Mino took a look at the address on the paper. Although she had never been to this place, she knew that it has a good location not much worse than the Yuan Family.

The guests at such a private banquet must be all dignitaries, and they couldn't get in at all. Moreover, she was worried that she would see Ryan there again.

"Not necessarily. The worst result is to wait outside the door." Holding Mino's hand, Cherry went upstairs with her to change their clothes. Ten minutes later, the three of them set out.

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