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   Chapter 254 Be Specialized At Catching The Mistress

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10764

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'Fortune favors fools.' Mino received a phone call which required them to help catch the mistress after Cherry went out for business.

She didn't expect that there would be a business before she even started the advertisement. She had to buy a lottery tonight, and maybe tomorrow she would become a millionaire.

She had no other expectation because she had no money. After all, she didn't bring her wallet when she went out. Her card might belong to someone else now.

After breakfast, Mino was wondering if she should take Baron with her.

It would be more convenient to take it with her, whether it was to disguise or to be a hacker as he said. But what if, if he fell in love with such an exciting feeling and refused to leave?

Mino was in a dilemma. At this time, Baron had already been waiting for her at the door with a car.

"Mino, hurry up. We can't make it if we are too late."

Well, her two legs couldn't compare with the four wheels, so she chose to take the car.

What a silly Cherry! She let her work hard for her. She didn't get her salary or allowance. She didn't even give her a car. This was real exploit!

In Golden City Hotel.

Mino pressed down the sunglasses and looked at the shabby and old hotel in front of her, muttering in her heart.

The money given by the client was not little. It should be a rich woman. Then how could her husband sleep with a woman in such a place?

"Upperclassman, wait in the car. I'll call you later and you'll rush up immediately." Mino put on his sunglasses and tidied up her clothes.

She liked to take two cameras when she was working. She like to work with insurance so she brought a spare one. In addition, there was a bottle of pepper spray, which was actually made by herself. It was much more useful than the chemical ingredients she bought.

"I'd better go with you. I'm worried about you if you go alone." Baron turned off the engine and got out of the car. He wanted to follow her, but was stopped by Mino's glaring.

"Too much people is also a trouble. It's not a big deal. I can handle it by myself. You just wait downstairs." After saying that, Mino walked into the hotel.

The receptionist was a woman of more than 30 years old, who was doing manicure with heavy makeup.

"Excuse me..."

"Oh, I was scared to death. What are you doing?"

Mino had already said in a very low voice, but she was still roared by the women.

She shrank her neck. She felt that she was not here for a room, but for scolding.

"You are so impolite. Is this the place that you can come? Go home now. Haven't your mother told you to cherish yourself?"

As soon as the woman opened her mouth, Mino didn't even have a chance to interrupt!

"Auntie, in fact, I am not..."

"Who is your aunt? Call me sister!" When the woman raised her head, her face was covered with thick foundation, as if there were black dots on the wall.

"Sister, I want to check in because my father is here. I want to ask him to go home for dinner." Mino thought that since she was regarded as a high school student, she would return to her youth and be a high school student once more.

It worked. She approached Mino mysteriously and asked, "Your father asked

message, he was dumbfounded.

Mino said she wanted him to kiss her? Where was she? Let me kiss her up? Baron's mood was like a roller coaster, arriving at the top point. He wanted to cheer, but he was at a loss.

Baron ran upstairs to look for her, while Mino had just picked up her phone from the ground.

Kiss me? Are you insane!

Looking closer, Mino screamed.

Damn it! She didn't mean that at all!

She wanted to say, "Where are you? Why... Why don't you come up?

It's totally different ideas. What would he think of her? Whatever, she had to retreat first.

Both of the man and the aunt stopped quarreling because of her.

This also gave Mino time to slip away. She was a loyal friend, and she didn't forget to bring her elder sister with her.

She was here to catch mistress, but now she was worried that she would be caught by 'him'.

"Sister, let's go downstairs. Hurry up!" Hearing the gasp behind her, Mino looked down upon her seriously.

As private detectives, they had to run as fast as they could if they met a lunatic. They could succeed only by running fast.

"Sister, please follow me from now on. When I give the photo to that person, I will give you half of the reward. It's so great to cooperate with you. I have to apologize to you. In fact, that old man is not my father. How could my father look like this... "

Mino talked to herself while running as fast as she could. On the way, she met several waiters.

But they just glanced at Mino strangely and did not stop him.

Women always had advantages in doing things.

"Well, we finally come out. Let's take a taxi back. I can't see [Baron. He is so useless! I was misled by my school sister. She always speak in such a tone. Ha ha. "


Mino couldn't laugh anymore. She looked at the woman in front of her, who was surrounded by the bed sheet and full of resentment, and didn't know what had happened.

Don't tell her that it was she who pulled this woman down!

Oh my god! What did she do?

"Come and catch the thief. Let's help!" This woman was not only good at being a mistress, but also in biting people in a good way.

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