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   Chapter 253 Am I A Lascivious Woman

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Mino saw that he had written a lot of small words, sticking them on the outside of each document and arranging them in order in order, which was more detailed, because he had also attached the corresponding notes to the glass of each cabinet.

Mino finally realized that the world of the students who were good at studying was not parallel to that of the students who were not good at studying. She took a look at the messy documents she had sorted out, and simply fell back in her seat and watched him busy.

"Mino, I remember you told me at school that your dream after graduation is to go everywhere to have a look. Why did you choose to marry at such a young age?"

Baron asked as if he asked casually.

"That's just a dream when I was young. How could I not be responsible when I really grew up?" She had only been out for half a day, but she missed her son, grandpa, everyone in Yuan Family, except him!

Seeing that Mino didn't look well, Baron thought his words irritated her, so he didn't ask any more questions.

It was hard for him to sit quietly with her like this.

However, Mino was wondering why a talented student had to be a detective. Wasn't it a waste of his knowledge?

To put it bluntly, they were detective firms, but to put it bluntly, they caught people for adultery.

She really didn't know why Cherry invited him in. She was just idle!

'No, I have to play a trick to let him go. I'm sorry for Baron. I just want to make my life easier in the future.'

"Baron, can you help me with that document? I want to find if there is any missing case that hasn't been handled last time. " Mino felt like her shoulder was broken, so she had to exploit Baron's work.

That was what she thought. He was being exploited by Cherry, and he was also being exploited by her. Since it was both exploited, then let this and that be integrated……

She felt dizzy.

The file that Mino asked Baron to take was on the cabinet opposite her. It was indeed a challenge for her to reach such a height.

"Is that it?" Baron stood on a small wooden ladder and asked Mino who was standing on the ground. He had found several books, but Mino said no. Why did he become so stupid that he even took something wrong?

"No." Mino thought she was too bad to make fun of him.

'Forget it. I'd better find another way.'

"This one?"

"Yes, please get it for me."

Baron felt relieved when he saw what Mino wanted. His shoes slipped on the ladder.

"Ah! Run…… Open. "

Mino didn't expect that there would be a disaster. She was about two meters away from Baron, but he pressed her down with such an instant.

"Haha, Baron, you are so heavy." Mino tried to push him away. Her waist was almost broken, especially when she just fell down from the chair.

"What? Oh! I... I'll get up right away. " Baron was not in a state at all. At this moment, his face was as red as a tomato, and his brain was like a mess. He could not think at all.

He had met many girls, but this was the first time he had such a feeling.

"Hurry up. My waist is almost broken." After listening to him for a lon

at master was a cold man. It was so disgusting. Was he killed by him?

"When did I lie to you? Don't worry. You will be rewarded! "

After cooking the dinner, Baron called the two to have dinner, only to find that Mino had just finished a cup of cake.

"This is…… From Ryan? " Baron didn't know why he asked this question. Anyway, it was his heart that asked him to ask.

"Are you kidding me? He wants me to starve to death. Maybe my son sent it to me." Mino clapped her hands and went to the restaurant in the backyard. The environment here was really good. Although it was small compared to the Yuan Family's mansion, at least they didn't need to be lost. They would know the route here after walking through it once.

There were three meat dishes, four vegetables and a bowl of soup on the table.

Looking at the beautiful combination of red and green, Mino's appetite was aroused again.

So she started to eat regardless of her image.

"Is it delicious?" Baron asked in a low voice, afraid that she would choke if he said loudly.

For Mino, who hadn't eaten for a whole day, the taste was simply fantastic.

"Yummy! Yummy!" Mino's mouth was full of food, and a hill was piled up in her bowl.

"Eat more. You have lost a lot of weight recently." Baron put all the dishes in front of her as soon as possible.

Mino was shocked by his concern and stopped eating meals, just eating the rice.

No, she must get him out of here as soon as possible, or she was afraid that she couldn't get him out of here in the future.

"Baron, do you know what our detective office usually investigate?" While eating, Mino looked him up and down secretly.

"Catch adultery?"

"That's right. We are going to get into the room. I'm afraid you haven't got the money yet, but you are fooled by others."

Mino emphasized the plot. As long as he could retreat, she would do whatever she was asked to do.

"I can stay in the company or go outside. If I can't, I can hack into the hotel computer system and do whatever I want."

It was good! She admitted defeat!

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