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   Chapter 252 Do You Want To Suffocate Me To Death (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5942

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Pretending not to hear her, [许米诺] braced herself to push the suitcase forward.

Red and green leaves flew down from the phoenix trees on the roadside, like butterflies. They spread their wings and wanted to fly, but they never flew again.

Mino told herself in her heart that they shouldn't meet each other again. It was good to separate in this way.

She didn't know how to refuse, but she knew how to leave.

Baron lowered his head and didn't look at her back anymore. If the fate forced him to give up, it was meaningless for him to resist anymore.

"Mino, Baron, why are you all here?" Cherry was driving a red Audi, looking very fashionable in her boss dress.

Taking off the sunglasses on her face, Cherry didn't feel the strange feelings between them at all.

"Come in and see if the decoration fits you two. I mean the style. If you are not satisfied, I will ask the workers change immediately."

Under the surprised eyes of the two people, Cherry opened the door and made a gesture of welcome to them.

"Come in. Why are you all stunned? This is our base for the three of us in the future. In order to cater to you two, I threw the coffin into it. "

It was not until now that Cherry realized that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. She had talked so much, but why were the two of them still wearing the same expression.

"Cherry, come with me." Mino said first as she walked into the yard with her suitcase.

"Baron, go upstairs and have a seat. I'll go and see what this little girl wants to do." With a big smile on her face, Cherry said to Baron, then she followed Mino and left.

Isn't here something wrong? She was the boss now. How could she act like a lackey?

"What the hell are you thinking about, Cherry?" Mino was so angry

aying that, Mino felt something was wrong. Didn't she say that they are cooperate to open the detective office?

Why did her sit in the yard with her legs crossed while she go to the data room to sort out the flowers? She treated her as a girl serving tea and water.

Well, she had to bow her head under others eaves. Anyway, she had done these works before. It would be easier to find the stuff she sort out in the future.

Watching her leave, a figure flashed on the balcony on the second floor.

Baron stared at the rose in the corner, his eyes no longer gentle, but gloomy.

The reference room was piled up with all the information that Cherry had brought from the YW detective office. She forgot to say that here was still called the YW detective office.

"Mino, let me help you." [何念] had taken off his suit and only wore a white shirt. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his wheat skin.

He looked very thin. But in fact, it was all muscular. Even his skin became much sexier than before.

"No, thanks. I can do it myself." Although Mino was polite, there was still a hint of alienation in her tone.

Baron didn't listen to her, but directly start to work.

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