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   Chapter 250 Who Is More Important, Husband Or Money (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5948

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"Oh, disgusting. Ford was dying? No wonder he has asked for leave these days. " Mino said while dodging. She didn't see that Cherry was about to burst into anger because of her words.

"He's fine. If somebody is going to die, it would be me, dying for love! No, it is suicide! "

The two of them chased each other in the back garden for a while before they lay down on the grass together.

No matter what famous flowers it was or ordinary weeds, it was their big bed now.

"After last time, he disappeared. Before he left, he told me that your life was not what I wanted." As soon as she finished her words, Cherry leaned over Mino and began to cry. The scene was very miserable, but...

"Your breasts seem to have shrunk."

This lecherous woman actually crossed her chest. Did she know that female invasion was also a crime!

"What are you doing! It's not just that your relationship is bumpy. I spent a long night on this stone table yesterday. " Before Mino could say anything, she was knocked on the forehead by Cherry.

"Don't steal my lines. Remember, this is your sister!" Raising her eyebrows, Cherry looked like a tough woman.

"Hey, two poor women abandoned by men." Mino was overwhelmed by a myriad of feelings. The love in the past passed by like a cloud. Sure enough, marriage was the tomb of love, and men were the disaster of women.

"Bullshit! Even if it is abandon, it would be me who abandon him. Don't forget that I'm the predator Cherry. Just with a wave of my hands, there would be many men who want to take me away. "

"Go to bed!"

Hearing Mino's words, Cherry's sullen posture immediately collapsed.

"Cut the crap. I came to you today because I wanted to run my old business. What do you think?" As Cherry began to look forward to th

best childhood for Colin? Killing and learning?

Mino turned around and was about to leave. Colin stood up to see her off.

"Mommy, you can do whatever you want. I will always be by your side. Whether it's right or wrong, never doubt me."

Upon hearing this, Mino felt warm in her heart. That, was her son.

"Maybe I won't be home for a while. But you can take care of yourself, right?" Mino suddenly felt that it was not that Colin did not do what a son should do, but she, Mino, as a mother, had never been able to make her son proud.

On the contrary, she didn't need to count down Ryan's halo at all. She could list a lot easily.

This time, she was going to make some achievements and let Colin look at her with new eyes.

She didn't want others to remember her identity, Mrs. Ryan, but her name, Mino!

"I should have said this to you. Mommy, don't be angry with Daddy. He did everything because he loved you."

Mino felt that Colin had become more mature after the education these days.

Whoosh! She was almost moved to tears just now. Fortunately, she held back her tears and took a look at the yard behind her. Mino went to the living room to look for Ryan.

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