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   Chapter 249 Who Is More Important, Husband Or Money (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 6146

Updated: 2020-06-23 00:12

When Ryan came back from work, he went straight to the room to explain the phone call. But when he saw Mino counting the money on the bed, he suddenly changed his mind.

"It seems that money is more important to you than me!" Ryan knew he was making trouble out of nothing, but he couldn't control himself.

Mino, who had been smiling heartily with cramps in her mouth, immediately withered because of his words.

"Maybe. At least you can buy everything with money!"

Although she knew that he would be very angry when he heard this, Mino still said so. Why did he scold her after she had been a doormat all day long?

Really thought that she, Mino, was stupid?

Looking at his back as he left resolutely, Mino gave out all the money in her hand.

Was it because she didn't want to let herself think too much? Which woman would feel better if she knew that her husband didn't save her number?

If it had been six years ago, she would not have stayed here waiting for an explanation.

The world was so big that no one could find her if she wanted to hide!

Those servants who had lost a lot because of Mino suddenly received a reward from the housekeeper, and the number of them varied.

It was two times as much money as everyone had lost.

This time, almost all the servants wanted to play cards with Mino. If they lost, they could get more compensation, and it was not bad if they won. This business was too worthwhile.

Mino hid in the training ground and stabbed the puppet with the knife in her hand, stabbing into the vital parts of the puppet.

When a person want to calm down, he would think more and more.

She was thinking that if she had gone with Hayden, at least she could know where he was now. But now more than a month had passed, there was no news at all.

Mino had to doubt whether he really co

air outside, she unexpectedly fell asleep on the table.

A phone call woke up her dream.

"Mino, are you at your home. Where are you?" A crying voice came from the other end of the phone.

"I'm at your home." Mino felt sleepy and wanted to sleep again.

"Bullshit! I just came out of my home to your home. You told me you were at my home? Why didn't you say that you just came out of my house and arrived at your home? "

Shouted Cherry on the other end of the phone.

"My house your house is the same, isn't it? Why do we have to be separated?" Mino's half soul was still floating in her dream and she didn't know what he was talking about.

"Mino, I give you ten minutes to show up in your living room. Remember, it's your living room!"

After hanging up the phone, Mino fell asleep again.

When she woke up, her ears were tweaked, and Cherry was standing in front of her angrily.

"Wow, my ears is a pair. If you tear off one, the other will be widowed!" Mino rubbed her ears, looking innocent.

"You're still making jokes! I'm really going to be a widow. As my best friend, you didn't help me. Do you still have conscience? " Cherry's tears and snot came together and rubbed against Mino's clothes.

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