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   Chapter 248 A Woman's Voice (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 6200

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As soon as Mr. Yuan finished his words, he said that he wanted to go out for a walk, leaving Mino alone.

When she dialed the number, Mino suddenly felt very nervous. Will she look like a good wife and a good mother?

"Hello, this is Mr. Ryan's private phone. Who are you looking for?" A gentle female voice came from the other end of the phone. It was so pleasant to hear. One could only guess how beautiful she was from her voice.

Mino felt that a fire was burning in her heart. Was this jealousy?

"Hello, who are you looking for?" The woman asked again without response.

"Sorry, I had the wrong number." Mino quickly hung up the phone. He didn't even save her number, so there was no need to explain by herself.

Mino didn't expect that Ryan didn't save her number. Even if he write Mino will be fine, why didn't he?

In the company, Ryan came out of the bathroom and saw his assistant holding his phone.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ryan. I answered your phone without authorization because I was worried about it may be something important."

The woman was dressed in a suit that fit her well. Her beautiful face and this suit made her look very elegant and decent.

"Get out!" If it wasn't for the first time she had committed this, he wouldn't treat her so gentle.

"Stop!" When the woman was about to leave, she was stopped by Ryan.

Seeing his surprised eyes, the woman's eyes were very complicated.

"Did the person you just answered say anything?" He had a meeting very late today, so he didn't call her on time. He didn't expect that she would take the initiative to call and greet him.

Good, you've made progress!

"She said She called the wrong number. "

The smile on Ryan's face froze. The large office was shrouded in darkness.

"Get out!"

With that, Ryan turned his back to the woman, holding the phone tightly in

all the cards of the other party when shuffling. If it was not enough, she could 'change' one or two more cards.

Well, she just wanted to see if she could be good at it.

After that, she felt really sorry, so she chose not to use any tricks, but to shuffle naturally.

But that was how things went. She didn't cheat, but she won more than she cheated.

"Mrs. Ryan, you are the reincarnation of the God of wealth. I have lost two people's wages in a row. You have to give us a chance to turn the tables."

"Yes, I lost miserably too. I didn't even have the money to buy clothes for my girlfriend."

They all began to complain about being poor. They had thought that Mino would be kind enough to return all their money to them.

But they were wrong. How could Mino, who loved money as much as her life, spit out the money she had got.

"No money? Then stop playing. The sun is setting. You should go on duty. Thank you for giving me money today. I'll play with you another day! "

[米诺] waved goodbye with a pile of notes in her hands, followed by a group of crying faces.

Mrs. Ryan was so ungrateful that she ran away as soon as she won. But who dared to say that? They could only blame themselves for being unlucky.

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