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   Chapter 247 A Woman's Voice (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 6233

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"Come here. Take off your clothes!" After taking a shower, Ryan sat on the edge of the bed in a bathrobe.

Mino thought that the voice was quite gentle. It seemed that her cute posture was worked.

So Mino had to run to Ryan's side. She looked at him shyly for a while and began to take off her clothes.

She hadn't changed her night club clothes yet. When she heard that Ryan asked her to take off her clothes, she naturally thought the required course she took every night.

Anyway, if he wanted to take it off, it is better take it off voluntarily than being tear apart. Maybe it could make him less angry.

Looking at the Mino with her shawl off, Ryan's eyes turned from clear to blur.

Mino was about to take off her dress, but when she was half done, she was stunned.

How could she take off her own clothes by herself? Would this seems dissolute? Anyway, thinking him was air, yes, air.


When she took off her dress, she found that Ryan's eyes had become very terrible, as if two flames were burning.

No, she couldn't take off her clothes anymore!

"Why are you stop? Go on. " Ryan was just feeling comfortable while she stop.

"You need to be fair! Take off your clothes too!" After saying that, Mino almost want to bit her tongue. Wasn't she digging her own grave?

"Okay, I'll take it off." Ryan had already taken a shower, and he only wore a bathrobe. Before Mino could stop him, he had already taken off his bathrobe.

what the hell! Why didn't he take off his underwear?

Seeing the disappointment in Mino's eyes, Ryan smiled wickedly, like a fox.

"I have something to say!" Mino felt that she was like a piece of meat on the chopping block. She had to say something, or there would be no chance.

Ryan didn't say anything, but his eyes had told her that if she wanted to say something, say it! Or he will do it!

fine. Don't cry." Mr. Yuan pulled Mino to sit down and wanted to have a chat with her.

In fact, he had seen clearly that although his grandson loved Mino very much, he always locked himself in and did not completely talk to her by heart. He had always trying to protect her.

But he didn't understand that sometimes women need to have a formal conversation, whether it was good or bad thing, communication was the respect between each other.

"Grandpa, am I useless?" She was almost naked, but he was sleeping. He didn't have feelings for her any more.

"Of course not. You are the best girl I've ever seen. Did you two have a fight? " As an experienced man, Mr. Yuan could tell from her tone that it was about Ryan.

"Not really. He just ignored me. He used to call me every day in the company. He would ask me what I ate and whether I was full at dinner time. Now it's one o'clock in the afternoon, but he didn't call."

Even Mino herself didn't believe that one day she would think this much just for a little thing.

"Then why don't you call him and ask? Mino, love needs two people to cherish. If you are passive, will the active one have the same thought? If Ryan receive your greetings, I am sure he will be very happy. "

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