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   Chapter 246 Reluctant To Beat Or Scold (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5959

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At the thought of this, Mino was so frightened that she threw away his phone, got in the car and slipped away!

She was not stupid. If she answered the phone now, even if it was not misunderstood, it would still be located. Then she wasted the time to escape!

It was a four star hotel. Mino guessed that Ryan wouldn't come here.

Before entering, she left all the electronic equipment in the car and the she helped Baron walk in the direction of the elevator in the basement.

"Mino, Mino..."

"Yes, I am here. Don't call me like that. I'm a public figure now. I have to open a room with my ID card later."

Mino was almost pressed down by Baron's height of over 1.8 meters. She didn't expect him to be so heavy.

"Let's go to the door. Don't go to the elevator."

"Great! I was almost scared to death by those people just now."

Two fashionable women walked in front of Mino.

"Two sisters, what are you talking about?" Mino had a cute face, so no matter how old she was, she would call other woman sister.

"You just moved in. Don't go to that elevator. Someone is waiting for man." One of the beautiful women looked Mino up and down, and most of her eyes were fixed on Baron. Her big eyes, which had been pulled over for several times, were like a pair of shooting machines.

When she came to her senses, she replied to Mino with a little hostility.

"Sister, don't go. Can you tell me the details there?" Mino had a hunch that this situation might have something to do with her. It was like the style of Ryan, wasn't it?

Seeing the two beautiful women looking at Baron, Mino decided to sell him for her own safety.

"You two are so beautiful. You are my brother's favorite type. How about I give you his number?"

"Okay, okay. In fact, I heard that t

ouldn't he be angry?

"Son, I've given you five minutes. Now, look carefully." Ryan said to Colin with a doting smile. His slender fingers slid on the rubik's cube, and there was only a little time for each pause. Mino and Colin's eyes widened.

Ryan had been playing this since he was a child. In order to practice his two-way thinking, he always thought while playing the rubik's cube. Just now, he wanted to arouse Colin's interest, so he didn't show his true ability. But now, it was related to which house Mino lived. Even if he was his own son, he wouldn't allow it!

"All right." Ten seconds later, Ryan handed a well-made rubik's cube to Colin. Seeing his astonishment and admiration, Ryan felt like floating in the air.

"Let's go, honey." Ryan held Mino's waist and walked into the room.

Mino didn't forget to ask her son for help at the last moment, but this heartless man only stared at the rubik's cube, regardless of his mother!

In the room, the dim light seemed a little ambiguous. Mino stretched out two fingers and poked each other. From the Internet, it was said that girls who used it in this position were very cute, and men were reluctant to scold them.

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