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   Chapter 206 Be Jealous Of Your Fantasy (Part Two)

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"Thank you for your story." Looking at the back of Ford who had washed rabbit, Mino said. She finally understood why James and Ford both of them were loyal to Ryan, because they were friends who had ever experienced of life and death.

Not only the two people had blocked the bullets for Ryan, but Ryan also had blocked for them.

Now she really hoped that her son could grow up under their education, which was what a man should do.

"Hey, in fact, your story is very old-fashioned. Are you sure this is not a story to perfunctory me?"

Ford stopped and turned around with an obscene smile.

"You can see that. Mrs. Mino's IQ has improved a lot. It's not as bad as master said."

"Ford, you're courting death!" Although Mino said those harsh words, there was no anger on her face. She knew that men were unpredictable. They would choose to wrap their hearts and build a wall in front of others.

There was very quiet in the forest at night, as if there were no other beasts except hares.

With the help of the powder, Mino felt much more relieved. Even in such a wild place, she could fall asleep safely.

Perhaps there was another more important reason, because Ryan was with her.

In the tent, Mino and their son fell asleep. Looking at the two sleeping faces, Ryan was not sleepy at all.

He always thought more than others. That was why he had been dominating X City for so long.

But now, it made him very uneasy. It seemed that a hand was slowly grasping and approaching him in the dark.

But he couldn't find it. This was the first time he had such a feeling in so many years.

If he was facing a targeted enemy, he only needed t

She stressed many times she had stolen, not a killer. She hadn't learned these things before.

"We have to go back tomorrow morning. Are you ready for the difficulties in the future?" Ryan's serious attitude made Mino suddenly lose her voice. She didn't know why he asked that.

Did something happen?

"You said that I would live a good life with you." Mino leaned her head on his shoulder, enjoying the peace of mind.

Ryan's words made her feel the peace before the storm. How many storms would be needed to exchange for their peace this week?

"You know what? I once thought that I would marry an ordinary person and do an ordinary job all my life. We'll pay off the loan, get off work, go to the market and raise our child together... "

Before Mino finished saying something, Ryan suddenly sat up straight.

"What's wrong?" He was fine just now. What was he doing?

"Who is this man?" Ryan's expression convinced Mino that he would kill anyone she said.

"This man is…… Ryan! "


The sun rose and reflected on the two people, like a back to back jigsaw, aesthetic and happy.

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