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   Chapter 186 Made The Bitch Mad (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Chang Du Characters: 6033

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There were only five sales clerks in this shop, and now they were all surrounded by customers.

"This lady is so beautiful in this dress. She really has the temperament of a super star!" The salesgirl, who had only said one word to Mino, was now flattering others.

It had nothing to do with her. She was just wearing cheap clothes.

In fact, her sportswear was not cheap either. It was bought for her by Ryan at a price of eighty-eight thousand dollars, and it was a limited edition, but she didn't know it herself.

She had planned to buy something to send Ford away so that she could go to the appointment, but she happened to meet an old acquaintance.

Betty and Anna.

Speaking of these two people, Mino had really heard some gossip about them these days.

The maid who watered the flowers said that the Betty's Family had bankrupted, and it seemed to have something to do with the Yuan Family. Her dream of being a star was shattered. If there was no background in the entertainment circle and no strong relationship with someone, she would have to be submerged.

The waves behind the river pushed the waves ahead, and the waves ahead died on the beach.

The housemaid who was washing vegetables in Yuan Family said that Betty was about the same as the waitress of the ballroom, and she married an old man who was more than 60. After the old man died, she could get fifty percent of the heritage.

He once saw that Betty was with a fair looking boy and bought a lot of famous brands for that toy boy. It seemed that their relationship was keeping and being kept.

Anna was not much better. Not long ago, she had hooked up with a rich husband, but he was married. His wife had her banned. These two women were sisters in distress, and they had a good relationship.

"Stop! You are.

gh money.

While she was still feeling lucky, Mino picked up a dress and walked towards the check-out counter.

"Wow, that's great. You can pay for the Dior clothes. Is it your living expenses for a month? Don't be so stubborn. It's not good to have porridge and pickles after buying clothes. You're okay, but your son is still here!"

"That's right. Your man can't afford such a consumption at a glance. You'd better go to the stall."

Although the two of them were distressed to spend so much money, they were happy to see Mino like this.

"Please, help me..."

"Madam, this is the best dress in our shop, and we don't give credit." The sales clerk could tell from the two's words that Mino was not qualified to wear such good clothes as a woman who had been dumped by Ryan.

She deserved it.

Mino smiled happily. [Betty and others thought she was crazy.

"Sister, pack up all the things except this one. Ford, help me give these goods to the charity."

Mino held the most expensive dress in one hand, and a gold card in the other. The pattern on the card was not unfamiliar to them. It was a sub card for unlimited consumption. And who else possessed the main card was only Ryan.

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