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   Chapter 185 Mrs. Mino went out for a walk (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5669

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She had a hunch that even if she went to catch him with a gun, she might not be able to conquer him.

She was very clear that the person who can manage Teardrop so well must have a great ability and authority.

Before leaving, she left a note to Ryan.

These words were so ambiguous that she wanted to spit out blood herself. It was not all her fault because she was sleeping when others were practicing words, and she was stealing when others were sleeping.

It took a lot of time and energy to be a thief, but fortunately, the customers were quite generous. Every time the task ended, she would receive a lot of money.

She wrote on the note, "If you don't tell me, I'll find him myself. See you later!"

There was a big turtle drawn in the corner below the words.

"Mrs. Mino, the reason why you wear like this is..." Seeing Mino walking out of the room, Ford got nervous immediately.

"Go out for a walk. Have you got the call recording?" Mino was wearing a pair of sneakers. Although her legs were short, she walked very fast.

"No, No. Please don't make things difficult for me. I have grandma who is seventy or eighty years old, and I..."

"Your grandma grows fast. She was forty or fifty two days ago. By the way, your mother, the one who gave birth to a baby at the age of a few was so cool!" Mino didn't mean to make fun of him, but on purpose!

He was the one who made her unhappy.

Taking a detour to the underground garage, Mino knew that the driver must be resting at this time, so she planned to find a free driver.

"Hey, I'm going out now. You have two choices. One is to send me there, so that you can follow me." Mino took out a bunch of keys from her bag

w? But he couldn't be angry at the thought of the note.

"Send someone to look for her secretly and prepare a car for me."

The guards and other servants of the Yuan Clan were trembling with fear, waiting for the punishment. But this time, Ryan didn't punish them.

"What? Do you want me to pick up the car myself?"

"No, No. Mrs. Mino took all the car keys. Only the driver has a spare key..." The security guard really didn't know what to say next. He was worried about his head moving from his body.

"The car with the key in the driver's hand was the one driven away by Ford, so... so..." So the cars in the garage were all becoming furnishings!

At last, the Yuan Family sent out three helicopters to look for Mrs. Mino who was walking outside.

The protagonist of the chase game was shopping in a high-end shopping mall.

"Miss, what do you want to buy?" The servants took a look at Mino and asked her as usual.

With her backpack on her back, she casually rolled up her hair and a few strands of them fell down.

She was wearing a set of sportswear. The brand looked familiar, but she couldn't remember.

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