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   Chapter 184 Mrs. Mino went out for a walk (Part One)

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Mino sat up straight on the deck chair and looked at Ryan for a long time. She wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say.

If it was really him, what should she do at that time? If it weren't for him, it must be someone around him. At least, he must be the person who could get the pair of sleeve nails, such as Ford and James...

"What do you want to say?" Seeing that Mino was fidgeting, Ryan knocked on her little head with a doting look on his face.

Seeing his smile, Mino made up her mind that no matter what the result would be, she would be willing to face it with him.

Therefore, she told Ryan what she had seen, without any doubt.

Ryan didn't answer her immediately after hearing what she said, but looked at her coldly.

Mino shrank her neck and her body into a ball. She suddenly remembered that she had searched some questions about him on the Internet a long time ago.

Bloody, violent, never soft to his enemies, mysterious and scheming, no one could guess what he would do next.

All kinds of scenes like violence flashed through Mino's mind. Her body was covered with blood and was cut into seventy-eight pieces to feed the dogs. She could also be used to feed the Snowball and wouldn't be wasted.

"Mino, Mino!"

"Ah! I don't want to feed Snowball. My flesh is very hard and terrible. Dogs won't like eating me, let alone wolves... "

Looking at the woman who was still kicking crazily on the deck chair in front of him, Ryan's face was helpless.

There must be something else in her mind, otherwise how could she come up with such a story?

Both of Ford and James turned around and snickered, especially Ford. He thought if he stayed with Mino for a year, he might become a joker invited here by the monkey.

"Ha h

y herself. Who knew whether Ryan would come to her after the phone call?

When she returned to her room, Mino's phone rang. It was a text message.

When she saw the caller ID, she didn't want to see it, because the number was 10086. When she opened it, her eyes narrowed slightly.

If you still want to know the cause of your father's death, see you at the same place at half past one this afternoon.

'Damn it! Even this is okay? Mobile Corporation is too fragile.'

Only her boss, the founder of the teardrop, knew this old place.

The 'old place' was not a secret signal, but this place was originally called 'the old place'.

It was because of her father's death again. Damn it! He had nothing but this to threaten her. But even if she knew that he was coaxing her, she had no choice but to go.

She had planned to find out his true face with technical means, but this time, he took the initiative to ask her out, which saved her more time.

It was the first time he had made appointment with her in so many years.

Mino put some disguised props and clothes into the back of one shoulder, and then took only a card and a mobile phone, without anything else.

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