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   Chapter 182 Should I Doubt Him

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10662

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"Do you remember this place?" Ryan stood behind Mino with his hands clasped behind his back.

As long as he could see her in his eyesight, he would be relieved in an instant.

"Of course I remember. This is where you set off fireworks." Mino smiled bitterly in silence. At that time, she was just a bride who only had a contract with him.

When the woman woke up, she had to leave.

But she didn't expect that she did leave even with his son.

Who knew that she had become the real hostess here?

They had a deep relationship and had been married, but there had never been a wedding. Of course, to her, this was not the most important thing.

In her mind, as long as she could be with them, that was enough.

"You told me at that time that the reason why girls liked fireworks was not because of their gorgeous colors in the night sky, but because the fireworks lit up the happy face of the person beside them in an instant. Now, I want to see your happy face again."

After Ryan finished his words, Mino dully asked why?

Because when he laughed, he looked like an angel falling from the sky, a little evil and could not be desecrated.

As the first firework fell from the sky, Mino looked away from his face.

The second, the third... Dozens of fireworks were like fountain in the music square, drawing beautiful shapes in the sky.

When she screamed out, hundreds of sparks suddenly shot out from the sky. When they reached the highest point, a name suddenly appeared. It was Mino Xu.

She was looking at the fireworks, while he was looking at her.

"When... When did you prepare it?" Mino stupidly turned her head and met his eyes. She was attracted by the tenderness in his eyes.

She then realized that he had been very good to her recently, not to mention being gentle, but careful about everything about her all the time.

She should have been happy, but suddenly she was afraid.

Did something happen to him that made him change his attitude?

"Ryan, am I sick? And it's an incurable disease. That's why you treat me so well that you can't wait to have a second child?"

The more Mino thought about it, the more likely it was, because she had a physical examination before, but the test report had not been brought in so far.

'Oh my God! I'm so young. As the old saying goes, an old man conquer the country, and a new man owns everything with a smile.'

The house, the sports car and countless rice were not a big deal. The most important thing was that she had such a perfect husband and son. Even if she died, she would take them with her. She would never let others get them so easily.

"Are you silly? When did I say you were sick?" Ryan was really speechless. This woman was woolgathering all day long. Logically speaking, the metabolism in her brain was very fast. How could she be so stupid?

But he still liked this.

"Then why are you so good to me now?" Mino still didn't believe it. The thought that her hard-earned savings were going to be used up by others made her heart hurt just like being hurt a knife.

But she seemed to have forgotten that her money was nothing compared to the Yuan Family's business. It was nothing m

back to where they were and went downstairs with a good mood.

Whether it was him or not, she would find an opportunity to ask him clearly. She would not misunderstand him as she did six years ago.

If she had asked them face to face at that time, perhaps they wouldn't have missed the six years. She didn't want to miss the second six years.

After breakfast, Colin took Mino to the secret room again. This time, it was very easy to enter.

It turned out that Ryan had changed the setting. Colin's fingerprint could also open the secret room's door.

Mino was absent-minded at the door. He was a good father, and she believed that he was also a good husband.

"Mommy, look, this is what I found this morning. Didn't the computer crash yesterday? I repaired it with some technology, but I can't get more things. I hope these will be useful to you."

Colin stepped back and Mino walked up. When she saw the words on the paper, she was stunned.

She saw her father's name. Although it was not complete, she could tell at a glance. The information only showed that he really knew the real cause of her father's death.

Although he had given her a lot of clues about her father's death, they were all insignificant. He had never told her anything about the real key point.

Since the last time she saw half of his face here, she had no idea whether he was a man or a woman. Although she had called him several times, his voice could also be disguised.

"Mommy, are you okay?" Seeing Mino's pale face, Colin was really worried about her.

Since he was a child, his mother had told him that his grandfather's death was not an accident. She would find out the truth no matter what the cost was.

If she died one day, she hoped he could continue to find out the truth, so he knew what responsibility his mother had.

"It's okay, Colin. Mommy will tell him about it. Don't mention it before that." Mino felt that what she needed most now was time. She needed to calm down and think it over.

"Don't worry, Mommy. But I think Dad can help you, or you can be the woman behind Daddy. He will protect you well."

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