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   Chapter 175 I Know I Was Wrong

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On the second day, Mino didn't wake up until it was already noon. Subconsciously, she reached out to touch the place beside her. It was already cold there.

She rubbed her eyes, turned over and fell asleep again.

Six years had passed, and there was no trace of time on her face. Her figure was even more perfect than before.

When she was having a good dream, her phone rang.

From the other end of the phone came the deadly voice of Cherry.

"Mino, come to the coffee shop downstairs my home in fifteen minutes. If you are late, you will be dead!"

Mino looked at her phone and fell asleep. Three seconds later, she jumped up and went to the bathroom with her eyes closed.

The rhythm of her brain and body were two completely different concepts.

When she asked the driver to over speed, run the red light and whip to the coffee shop in front of Cherry's house, there were only a few people in the shop, except for a few waitresses dressed in cartoon maids.

"Ha ha, exactly right on time." Mino smiled awkwardly and sat opposite Cherry, didn't noticing the difference on herself.

"Mino, don't you have a mirror in your house?" Taking a sip of coffee, Cherry looked like a lady.

Mino clicked her tongue in her heart and saw that all the waiters fixed their eyes on her. She coughed and smiled gracefully like Cherry.

"How can there be no mirror at home? Are you okay?"

"If you have a mirror in your house, will you wear your T-shirt in the opposite direction? Even if it's a designer T-shirt, people will think you're insane if you wear it like this! "

After further study in the YW detective office, Cherry's sharp tongue became more invincible.

Mino looked down and found that her limited edition POLO T-shirt which cost thousands of dollars was in the opposite direction.

Were those waitresses actually looking at her? It was not until now that Mino realized what had happened.

"Do you think that's all? Mino, I really want to know what you have eaten for the past more than 20 years! Rice or Bran?" Glancing at her feet, Cherry shook her head in disgust.

A pair of high-end brand socks was torn into two pairs by her.

It was said that giving birth to a child will be stupid for three years. But she is stupid for a whole life. In fact, she had never been smart before.

"It's all your fault. People who don't know might thought you were going to be reincarnated!" Come on, the one who eats the bran is a pig!

Mino went to the bathroom to change her clothes and mumbled angrily.

"Well, tell me it's not you." Cherry turned the tablet PC in front of her to the opposite side. In addition to the photos, there was a video with an obvious Title: exclusive exposure of Angie's true face.

Mino took a look at the camera and didn't look at it again. The angle of the camera was not right and it seemed that her face was crooked.

e had to admit that this feeling was not bad.

"I know I was wrong. Just this time. I won't do it again. Can you forgive me?" Mino used the way that Cherry dealt with the old man to deal with Ryan. She remembered that Cherry had said that men liked coquettish women.

"What did you do is wrong?" Ryan didn't stop her, but the fire in his eyes was about to burn.

Seeing that there was a chance, Mino quickly played tricks.

God, in order to escape punishment smoothly, she had to go all out!

"I shouldn't have gone out. But you know I only have one good friend. She was cheated by others for money. If I don't comfort her, who else will do? Ryan, please forgive me this time." In order to cooperate with the play, Mino quickly lowered her head and wiped out two drops of 'tears' with her saliva.

Cherry, I'm sorry. I'm in a hurry to escape the storm.

"Really?" The long ending sound stopped beside Mino's ear. She wanted to run, but before that, she had to get off from Ryan.

As soon as she moved a little bit, a pair of big hands grabbed her.

"Well, the door is not closed yet. I'll close it for you." Mino regretted. She shouldn't have done that. It was much more dangerous than a volcano erupting.

"You don't have to do it. I'll do it." Ryan pressed a button, but the door of the study closed automatically.

'damn it! I've been here so many times. Why didn't I know it?

"Ryan, it's daytime now!" Mino whined in her heart, but she couldn't escape from his control.

"Which law says that a couple must flirt with each other at night? Well, now it's evening. "

Looking at the curtain slowly closed, Mino knew that it was his work again. Why did he need to do so much automatic? If the room was full of automatic, why did you need two hands?

But the next minute, Ryan told her what the hands were used for.

"Ah, shame on you!"

"Yes, I like it, but I'm only shameless to you!"

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