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   Chapter 173 How Could I Leave You

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Ryan quickly sorted out the whole thing in his heart. The video just now and Mino's reaction now confirmed his guess. Thinking of her agility when they met for the first time, if it was really her, then it could be reasonable to explain.


As soon as he said a word, Ryan's phone, which was originally placed on the table, rang. He looked down and found that it was a call from James. After thinking for a moment, Ryan reached out to touch the screen and pressed the speaker.

He wanted to make the woman beside him feel at ease and let her know that no matter what happened, he would always be by her side.

"Mr. Ryan, bad news. Another batch of videos just came out. It was Mrs. Ryan committed crimes in other places. The video of stealing and several clear pictures of the front face have been received by several major media. "

"I see."

Hanging up the phone, Ryan turned to look at [Mino. She happened to turn to look at him with tears in her eyes. Her eyes, which were afraid of being abandoned, were full of begging, made Ryan's heart soften.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know it would turn out like this. I haven't done anything in the past few years. I don't know who did it this time..."

Mino's voice trembled slightly, and her eyes slowly closed. Several lines of clear tears fell down. She really didn't know how to explain now.

Saying that she was not Angie? But so many evidences had been leaked out. But even if she admit it, so what? How could she explain her deception for so many years?

"I know you have your own difficulties in doing all these things..."

Ryan sighed slightly and leaned Mino's head against his chest. Soon, he felt that the clothes on his chest were wet, and he didn't say anything. He just patted her on the back gently to let her cry. Let's talk about it after calming down.

As soon as Colin came out of the bathroom, he saw what was going on in the hall. Although he didn't know what had just happened, he guessed that something bad must have happened.


The snowball rubbed against Colin's shin. He bent down and picked it up, gently covered his mouth and whispered, "Good boy, let's go back to our room and play. We can't go out to disturb them."

As if it could understand what he said, snowball was really obedient and didn't say anything. It stared at Colin with its big round eyes, letting him hold it and walk away quietly.

Mino didn't know how long she had cried. When she raised her head, she met Ryan's gentle and caring eyes. She couldn't help but feel sad, and tears were about to fall again.

Ryan reached out to wipe her tears and said softly, "all right, all right. If you want to cry, wait for me to change a clothes and come back. This clothes is already wet."

"Aren't you going to break up with me?"

"When did I say that I wanted to break up with you?"

Mino kept her eyes open and stared at Ryan for nearly a minute. Then she asked cautiously, "that is to say,

computer the first time he went back to his room. He began to investigate it. After a while, he roughly knew what had happened.

On the other hand, Ryan didn't have time to rest. He kept in touch with James, hoping to solve the problem as soon as possible. Even the stock price of the Yuan Family was affected in the afternoon, but fortunately, it was suppressed in time and there was no big problem.

Mino went back to her room and held her phone, wondering who else she could ask for help. At this time, her phone suddenly rang. After answering the phone, Mino's face was full of shock.

"Now? But it's not convenient for me to go out now... "

Mino hesitated. If she went out at this time, she had to use the car. In this case, it would definitely alert Ryan and Mr. Yuan. She couldn't tell them that she was going to meet a man? And this man was...

"You know I will only help you. The longer the matter is delayed, the more disadvantageous it will be for you. I will wait for you in Roma cafe."

Then he hung up the phone. After hesitating for a while on the phone, Mino finally decided to go out to meet her. After changing into a set of casual clothes, she told Ryan that she would have a face-to-face talk with Cherry. Ryan also knew that she was under a lot of pressure, so he proposed to send her there, but was rejected by Mino politely.

"Just ask the driver to send me there. I'll be back soon."

Ryan couldn't spare time, so he had to agree with Mino and asked the driver to send her out. After getting in the car and leaving the iron gate of the Yuan Family, Mino still felt a little apologetic.

He trusted and cared about her so much, but she lied to him and went out to meet another man. The more she thought about it, the more she felt sorry for Ryan!

But, maybe he could really help her? Mino kept comforting herself, and did not pay attention to the scenery outside. In a short while, the car had arrived at the outside of the coffee shop.

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