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   Chapter 172 I'm Getting Married

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 9959

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"Ha ha, Colin will definitely be better than your father in the future! I trust you! "

The old man and the young boy seemed to have endless words to say. The little boy held the snowball in Mr. Yuan's arms and kept talking. It was strange that Mr. Yuan listened with great interest no matter what the little boy said.

"Grandpa, Mino is tired after a whole day's ride. I'll take her upstairs to have a rest."

As soon as Ryan took Mino two steps, Mr. Yuan said, "I'm also tired. Let's go. I will take you to your room to have a look. Ryan, come to the study later. I have something to tell you. "

After settling down Mino, Mr. Yuan sent someone to invite Ryan again, then Ryan followed him.

When he came to the study, Mr. Yuan was already waiting for him. It suddenly occurred to Ryan that he hadn't had such a meeting for several years. Previously, when Rose was at home, not only did he not want to go back home, but also Mr. Yuan took the initiative to move out. Now that Mino and the child came back, they had a complete family.

"How do you handle with Rose?"

As soon as he opened his mouth, Mr. Yuan came straight to the point.

After a pause, Ryan neither nodded nor shook his head. He said indifferently, "We didn't actually get a marriage license. Just had our marriage announced. To be honest, there's nothing to deal with."

"Humph! Thanks to me, I got you two marriage certificates on the second day. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so unrestrained now. I just feel sorry for the Ning Family. After all, we have been friends for so many years. "

"Now I love Mino, and we have Colin. If you feel sorry for the Ning Family, you can pay for some other things. There is no need to use marriage."

Mr. Yuan nodded and said, "Mino has given birth to your child and she has come back. Back then, you two just got the marriage certificate without holding any formal ceremony. Later, I'll ask someone to find a good day and hold a grand wedding for you. We have to treat Mino well."

"I will prepare it as soon as possible. I promise this wedding will be unforgettable for Mino's whole life." And this wedding must be one hundred times better than the one with Rose at that time!

Mr. Yuan and Ryan reached a preliminary agreement and went back to their rooms to sleep happily.

Hearing the news, Mino and Colin were also very happy, especially the little guy who jumped up and down three times. He held the snowball and shouted, "Great! I'm going to be the most handsome and youngest groomsman in the world! "

"Wait, who told you that you are going to be the bridesmaid? You can only be a flower boy at most at this height, ok? For the sake of knowing you for several years, I can consider asking your godmother to find you a beautiful girl to be your flower girl. "

Mino casually threw a grape into her mouth, and stuffed another into Ryan's mouth. The couple had the same expression on their faces.

Colin shook his hair and said, "There will alw

to be as long as a year. Finally, Ryan seemed to have some reaction. He opened his thin lips one point one, and said in a golden voice, "you mean, she is Angie?"

Mino closed his eyes and looked up at the sky silently. When she was about to admit it, he suddenly heard Ryan's voice change, as if he was trying hard to hold back his laughter.

"James, I didn't expect you to be so good at joking. Even though you are very welcome to Mino's return, your play is really not good. Everyone in the world can be steal Angie, except her."

After saying that, Ryan gently patted the back of Mino's hand and said with a smile, "don't you even know who Angie is?"

"Well, i... i..."

For a moment, Mino didn't know what to say to answer Ryan. She looked up at James, feeling like weeping but had no tears.

Lowering his head, James turned over the tablet computer in his hand, clicked a few times to find the video, and silently placed it in front of Ryan.

The video on the screen begun to play, and the content was almost the same as what James had been said. Mino had already closed her eyes. She didn't dare to see the picture on the tablet! ! !

After watching the video calmly, Ryan fell into silence, but he didn't let go of Mino.

After watching the video, James put away the tablet PC wisely, lowered his head and said in a low voice, "I'm leaving now. If Mr. Ryan have any orders, call me at any time."

When he went out, she called out the servants who were still working nearby and told them not to enter the house within two hours.

All of a sudden, there were only two people left in the big house, Ryan and Mino. It was so quiet that they could even hear each other's heartbeat.

"Sorry, i..."

Biting her lips, Mino couldn't help but burst into tears. She had always thought that her identity would never be exposed for the rest of her life, but why did it happen at this time when she came back with her child and was about to hold her wedding with Ryan.

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