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   Chapter 171 Go Back To See Grandpa

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"Well, it's time to see."

As soon as Ryan finished his words, he loosened his hands at the same time. Mino couldn't wait to open her eyes. She was already surprised to see the snow and the moon, and now when she saw the colorful "I love U" pattern in front of her, she was even more surprised with her mouth wide open.

"This, this is..."

Who could tell her what was going on! Why was there such a light on the snow! What's more, they were arranged in such a pattern. She was so moved!

Is there someone who can slapped her two times and told her that everything was not true? How could such a scene happen in front of her!

Just when Mino was too surprised to say a word, Ryan had already held her hand and led her forward. The most amazing thing was that after a few steps, Mino found the road under her feet and the place they passed by also lit up at one point one!

"I told Williams in the daytime. I didn't expect that he really had some materials, so I hurried to make this simple letter, this was... Just so so."

Ryan said in a relaxed tone. He didn't mention how many times he had worked with Williams to get these lights and lights ready, in order to give Mino a surprise right now.

"Thank you..."

All Mino could think of at this time were to give Ryan a big hug and say thank you.

Thank him for spending so much time and energy on her to do these things that make her happy.

On the second day's morning, the family of three had breakfast with Williams and his sister. When they almost finished eating, Ryan said casually, "We're going back today. Anyway, there's still space for the car to go out. You can go with us after packing up."

"Dad, are we leaving today?"

Colin had a good time these days, especially when he had snowball with him. Of course he didn't want to go back so soon.

Glancing at Ryan, Mino turned around and said with a smile, "yes, you can take snowball with us. What do you think?"

"Yeah! Great! "

Looking at the excited look of the little guy, all the people at the table couldn't help laughing, but the expression on Williams's face was still tense. Mino secretly pulled Ryan's hand and said something to him in the shape of mouth.

Ryan coughed and said, "Mino, you and Tracy go pack up first. I want to have a few words with Williams."

When there were only the two of them left, Williams said directly, "I won't go back. If Tracy wants, she can go back with you."

"It's been so many years. Why can't you let it go? And you really don't know that your grandpa just went to the hospital two months ago? "

As soon as Williams heard this, his face turned much paler. He tightly grasped the armrest of the chair with both hands. Although he tried to calm down, Ryan still noticed a slight change in his voice.

"He is rich. He will be fine."

Ryan didn't mention it

t Mr. Yuan, while Mino couldn't help but want to cry just by holding Mr. Yuan gently.

With a smile, Mr. Yuan touched Colin's head and said, "I miss you too. From now on, we will live together and see each other every day. Are you happy?"

"Yes, yes! I am so happy! "

The little guy also knows how to make people happy, but Mino beside him just couldn't help crying at this moment.

"Mino, it's a good thing to go home. Don't cry." As Mr. Yuan] said, he took out a handkerchief to wipe her tears. After he wiped her tears for two times, Mino glanced at the corner of her eyes and felt that she had seen this handkerchief before?

The lifelike Phoenix, the bright color, and the fine stitches! This was her

Mino raised her head and looked at Mr. Yuan speechlessly. Her innocent eyes seemed to be waiting for a negative answer, but what Mr. Yuan gave her was an affirmative look.

His firm eyes were telling Mino that she was right!

Mino felt like weeping but had no tears. Her heart was bleeding. She silently moved her body to keep a certain distance from the "handkerchief" in Mr. Yuan's hand. Then she quickly stood up and trotted back to Ryan. She held his hand and almost knelt down to beg him to go back to his room.

Fortunately, at this time, Colin said, "Great Grandpa, can I sleep with you tonight? I have a lot to talk to you. I have raised one... Where is snowball? "

"Here, little master." The driver quickly sent the little guy in his arms upstairs. If it weren't for Ryan's order, he really didn't want to be with this wolf!

When snowball returned to Colin's arms, it still didn't wake up. It got into his arms and slept more soundly.

Seeing this, Mr. Yuan said happily, "Great! Great! Colin indeed has the fine tradition of our Yuan Family. He tamed a snow wolf at a young age. Good! "

"Ha ha, of course. I'm the beat. Great Grandpa, do you think so?"

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