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   Chapter 170 The Expected Surprise In The Snow Night

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 9858

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"What's more, I love Mino. I only love her all my life. Our child has grown up. Although he is very sensible, I don't want him to bear the name of an illegitimate child all his life!"

"It's unfair to him!"

"I've made up my mind. No matter what kind of situation I'm going to face when I divorce with Rose, I'm ready."

Ryan said firmly with insistence in his eyes. Williams thought for a while and smiled, "Yes! That's right! No matter what, you have to try your best to fight for it. Don't be like me that I only know how to escape, and don't let the woman who follows you wholeheartedly get hurt!"

Ryan didn't expect that Williams would say such encouraging words. He was moved and said, "you still know me for so many years!"

Williams shook his head and said, "Dream it! I don't know you well. I'm just doing this because the two of us have experienced the same thing!"

But... Williams lowered his eyes. At that time, he didn't seize the relationship well and let a good person suffer so much with him. In the end, she died miserably.

Ryan knew that he had brought up the sadness of Williams, so he patted him on the shoulder and said, "Well, let bygones be bygones. I don't think Becky will blame you. I've heard about the things between you two."

Ryan's words were like a good medicine, making Williams feel better. He smiled, waving his hand, and said indifferently, "It's okay. This kind of thing has passed, just as someone once said, as long as that person lives in your heart, he will never leave."

Ryan nodded. The two of them kept silent for a long time. The two didn't know what to say. After a long time, Ryan said, "I want to propose to Mino when I get home. Don't forget to attend our wedding."

Ryan was just kidding. After all, he knew that Williams was still hiding from his father and it was impossible for him to attend such a wedding. But Williams agreed without hesitation.

"Well, as long as you and Mino get married successfully, I will go to your two weddings. At that time, even if my father really catches me, I will go to your wedding! What do you think? Am I a good friend?"

Looking at the smiling Williams, Ryan felt helpless about his narcissism.

As for Mino, under the lead of Tracy, the two of them came to the door all the way. Although it was very troublesome to turn around, they had successfully found the way out.

As soon as she went out, she saw Colin standing outside. At once, she felt very sorry for her son. She hurried forward and said, "Colin, it's my fault. I shouldn't have left you alone!"

Looking at Colin's little face, Mino felt very sorry for him. He had waited for such a long time alone in such a cold weather.

Colin shook his head and said, "No. Colin is not waiting for mother alone. That uncle just came out to accompany Colin!"

Colin turned around and pointed to the owner of the yard who was walking towards them. The owner of the yard smiled and no

aybe it was only in the pictures. Today I really saw it. Even if it's cold, it's worth it!"

She leaned against Ryan's chest. She could hear his heartbeat and feel his warm breath transmitting through her hair.

Ryan smiled, "You know? When I was here in the past, I liked to go to the snow mountain to see the moon alone at night. At that time, I thought that maybe my child and my beloved woman were also looking at the same moon with me. Only then can I feel that I am still by your side, and you haven't left me."

As Ryan was speaking what he had suffered a lot during that period of time, the tears in Mino's eyes had fallen unconsciously, and she had also struggled like that. During that period, she really didn't know how she had come through. She had been in a daze every day, thinking of the things they had experienced together, and thinking of the fact that Ryan had become another woman's husband at this moment.

"We will never be apart, okay? Ryan, I've been spoiled by you. Such a happy life is so wonderful. I really don't know how I will have the courage to live if I lose you again now."

Tears streamed down Mino's cheeks and fell into Ryan's hand.

The warm feeling was like being imprinted on Ryan's heart. His whole heart was trembling because of such a tear. He stretched out his hand and looked at it under the bright moonlight at night. A crystal tear was quietly lying in his hand. The tears seemed to be still flowing slowly, containing the pain of Mino's time.

He got his hand out of the bed and frowned, "Okay, we will never be apart. Close your eyes first. I have something good to show you!"

Ryan covered Mino's eyes with his hand and smiled.

Mino struggled, but her strength was much weaker than Ryan's, so she couldn't break free. Ryan whispered in Mino's ear, "Relax. Don't move!"

Ryan's bewitching voice rang in Mino's ear. She closed her eyes obediently and waited quietly for him to tell her the surprise.

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