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   Chapter 167 Love Till Death

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Mino argued. Looking at the smile on Tracy's face, she just didn't want to admit that she was really looking at Ryan just now. Tracy was also very smart. She pushed Mino's shoulder with her arm and whispered, "Sister Mino, don't argue anymore. Your eyes have betrayed you!"

Obviously, although the girl in front of her was pure and kind-hearted, she was not stupid at all. On the contrary, Tracy, who had shouldered the responsibility of the whole Chen family, was very smart, but... She was still kind-hearted.

"Are my eyes really so obvious?"

Mino reached out to touch her cheeks. After making sure that her cheeks were not burning, Mino breathed a sigh of relief, fearing that the little girl in front of her could read her mind.

"In fact, don't always think that I'm young. According to my actual age, I'm only two years younger than Ryan. I'm not necessarily younger than you!"

Mino thought for a while and found that she was indeed older than herself!

She didn't know why both the brother and sister were like little kids. Whether in appearance or personality, they didn't look like adults at all.

"Tracy, are you sure you are only two years younger than Ryan? Is there any mistake?"

Mino asked again with uncertainty. After all, if there was one of elder brother or sister looked older and the other looked younger, it might be just an accident.

But now... They looked exactly the same. They didn't even see the wrinkles on their faces. How incredible!

Noticing that Mino had been staring at her, Tracy walked up to her with a smile and grabbed her arm without any restraint. Then she looked at her brother and Ryan with a smile and said, "Brother, I'm going to leave you alone. I'll find a place to talk with Mino first!"

Of course, it was not easy for Mino to refuse her request! After all, Tracy just wanted to have a seat with her. It was not a serious matter.

Ryan nodded and walked over to Tracy, "Don't bully my Mino, or you will still be the same as the younger you!"

Hearing what Ryan said, Mino became interested in what had happened in his childhood. She wondered what had happened between them when he was a child, and she didn't even notice that Tracy took her to the small room.

It was not until she sat in the room that Mino came to her senses. She grabbed Tracy's hand and asked anxiously, "Tracy, what happened between you and Ryan when you were young? I'm getting more and more curious!"

The two of them came to a small room. Tracy told her what had happened between her and Ryan when they were young. "You don't know, sister. At that time, Ryan did something bad, and most importantly, he bullied me all day long. It was just because he had a personal competition to play basketball and I was a judge. He was ashamed into anger when he lost."

Mino believed what she said. Sometimes, Ryan was very generous, and sometimes he was very mean. Who knew if he really did such a thing when he was a child?

"When I was a child, many girls in our class liked Ryan. He was the most handsome man in our class, but he was very cold no matter what he did. At that time, he and my brother were on good terms. The two of them were very similar in

s really hard. Fortunately, Ryan left the school later and Rose followed him. That became good."

Tracy narrated how a hero protected a beauty when Ryan was a child, while Mino was so angry that her teeth were itching.

Why didn't she notice that?

It turned out that Ryan had been so rude since he was a child!

How could such a young child know that the person he liked was bullied and he should stand up for her? It was really impressive!

Although Mino knew what Tracy wanted to say, Mino felt that her goal had been achieved.

Now she was very angry and Ryan was so pitiful to be framed by two women without knowing the truth.

Ryan, who was discussing something with Williams, suddenly felt a chill in his body. He trembled and Williams smiled, "Are you cursed by the woman you have provoked behind your back?" After saying that, he couldn't help laughing arrogantly.

Ryan looked at the smiling Williams helplessly and said, "You've changed, you've changed a lot from what you're used to be! I only know that you love that woman very much, but I don't know that you have loved her to such an extent."

Ryan said seriously, not as playful as he was when he was talking to Williams just now.

He had never thought that the once debonair Williams could suddenly become infatuated with someone. Perhaps the power of love was really so great!

Seeing that Ryan was serious, Williams shook his head and smiled.

"I'm not as open-minded as you. The little beauty disappeared at that time, but you can still continue to marry Rose. Don't you feel uncomfortable?"

Williams looked straight at Ryan as if he wanted to see through his mind.

Ryan was stunned. How could he not feel uncomfortable? It was just that there were too many restrictions.

He and Williams were both frivolous people on the surface, but perhaps the more difficult to fall in love with, the more affectionate they were until death did not separate.

The only difference between him and Williams was that Williams could give up everything for the one he loved, but he... But he couldn't let go of the Yuan Family and his grandfather.

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