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   Chapter 165 Sequela Of The Ghost Festival

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 9936

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"Yes. You two just went to the VIP room. What is your relationship of the two gentlemen?"

The customer service lady politely asked Mino. Following the direction she pointed, Mino saw a snow-white house standing on the top of the snow mountain. The decoration of the house was very exquisite, and from afar, it seemed to merge with the white snow.

Mino withdrew her gaze, smiled and said in the most standard Mandarin, "I'm the wife of one of the gentlemen. I was a little sleepy just now and now I can't find them."

Mino tried her best to maintain the most beautiful smile, and every move was so elegant and generous. The customer service girl looked at her and showed respect unconsciously.

"Just now, the two gentlemen said that they were going to find someone, then they went to the lounge. Miss, if you want to find your sir, you can go in through the front door! The reception room is on the left! "

Mino listened carefully and said thanks to the customer service girl with a smile. Then she turned around to look for Ryan.

As soon as Mino entered the lounge, she was shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of her. The ice and snow carved room was generally beautiful and exquisite, and even the chair and some ornaments were carved with crystals to imitate the ice and snow in cold winter.

Mino was shocked by the building in front of her, not because it was gorgeous, but because it was so different.

She stepped forward and carefully touched those things. Everything was cold, as if they were carved with real snow.

It wasn't a big room from the outside, but after Mino came in, she found that the room was surprisingly large. She looked around and found that the rooms were arranged one by one, like small castles.

Mino remembered what the customer service girl had said when she came in, but now she was shocked by the maze of houses in front of her, and completely forgot what she had said. Looking at the house in front of her, Mino could not remember where the living room was.

Therefore, Mino could only walk back and forth in the huge ice and snow castle. Looking at everything in front of her, she felt as if she had returned to the same place just now, but it was also not that kind of like the place. "What's wrong with this room? Is here a maze? "

Mino muttered to herself and looked around the castle.

After looking at it for a long time, Mino didn't find anything different. She had no choice but to squat on the ground. Now she sadly found that she couldn't even find the way to go out. How unlucky she was!

She took a deep breath and encouraged herself secretly, "Mino, it's okay. Don't worry. You'll go out."

Although she said so, it was not easy to find a way out. Mino looked for a long time but still couldn't find a way out. Looking at the independent small rooms, a thought suddenly appeared in her mind.

Since she couldn't find a way out, she might as well look for Ryan one by one! Even if she could

, or I'll become stupid! "

Hearing the voice behind her, Mino stopped crying at once. Suddenly, she found something wrong and shouted, "What do you mean! Do you mean I'm stupid? I'm very smart! Are you smart enough to say that? "

After saying the dissatisfaction in one breath, Mino felt a little scared. She couldn't help but secretly sweat for her impulse.

"Wait! Did you just say that you like smart people? Have you eaten the two men who just came in? "

"The two men who just came in?"

The voice behind her said lazily, totally ignoring Mino's feelings. Hearing this, Mino got angry. No wonder she couldn't find Ryan. It turned out that he had been eaten!

At that time, Mino also forgot to be afraid. She turned around and angrily rushed to the charming man in front of her.

Before the man could react, Mino rushed over, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. "Give my husband back! Give Ryan back to me! "

Mino tried hard to open the man's mouth. Maybe it was because of her anger, she was so strong that the man frowned in pain.

After tussling with the man for a while, Mino suddenly felt something wrong. If it was really a ghost, how could it have a body temperature?

She thought of the shadow she saw before she fell on him, and the pain on her face. Finally, she understood. "You are not a ghost!"

The man was pressed under Mino. He slightly raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders, looking at Mino helplessly.

"When did I say I was a ghost? It was you who have been calling me ghost, wasn't you? "

Mino smiled awkwardly. Thinking that she had regarded a living man as a ghost, she wished she could find a hole to hide.

"No! If you were not a ghost, why would I feel cold when you were talking! Just like what is said in TV plays and novels, how people feel after ghosts come out. "

Thinking of the coldness spreading from the scalp to the soles of her feet, Mino was suspicious that the man said he was not a ghost.

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