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   Chapter 159 Scheming Of Colin

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 9702

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Colin stepped forward and wanted to touch the snow wolf, but when he thought that the snow wolf was now covered with scars, he didn't want to do it. He just pushed the bowl forward and whispered to the snow wolf.

"Little guy, come and eat something. Only by eating something can you get better, and only when you get better can you recover quickly!"

Colin said patiently. The little snow wolf had its eyes closed all the time. After a long time, when Colin and Mino thought the little snow wolf had fallen asleep, the little guy slowly opened his eyes. His green eyes were still as beautiful as the bright stars in the sky.

The little boy stuck out his tongue and licked Colin's little hand. His eyes seemed to say that he didn't need to worry.

It was impossible not to worry. Since Snowball was injured in a coma, Colin was the one who worried him most.

He looked at the little guy every day, but every time he slept so soundly, as if he would never wake up.

Now that the snow wolf woke up, Colin was truly relieved.

The little boy's soft tongue gently licked in Colin's palm. The feeling of itch made him chuckle.

The snow wolf finally let go of Colin and went to drink soup by himself.

"Well, Colin, don't disturb the snow wolf here. Let it eat by itself! It won't be too late after it eat up!"

Mino's gentle voice sounded above Colin's head. Colin looked up at Mino and smiled back when he saw her gentle smile.

In the blink of an eye, it was getting dark. Colin always felt that there was something he hadn't done today, but he couldn't remember.

While Colin was deep in thought, Mino came over and saw his son frowning like an old man.

"What's wrong with Colin? What can make our Colin so upset?"

Looking at Mino, Colin shook her head and said, "Nothing. I just remember that I was busy today and forgot one thing, but I don't know what it is. Do you remember Mommy?"

Colin looked at Mino with some distress. Mino was stunned for a moment, and suddenly patted her forehead and remembered.

"Ah! Why do I always feel that there is something that hasn't been done today? It turns out that we are going to ski today. I forgot it because I was busy. If Colin] didn't say it just now, I would have forgotten it!"

Mino's words reminded Colin of what the owner of the yard had promised him three days ago. Thinking of this, they were so busy today that they forgot everything!

He smiled and said, "Mom, tell me, how should I punish you if you don't keep your promise?"

Although Colin's voice was gentle, Mino could clearly feel what he meant.

She pursed her lips and wondered if it was not appropriate to do that.

After thinking for a while, she was defeated by Colin. "All right, all right. Colin can do whatever you want! At the worst, I'll be with you!"

Mino said helplessly with Colin.

Colin pouted and looked at the room with lights on in

nded in her ears one by one, bringing her every breath.

For a long time, the two of them couldn't bear to say anything to disturb the quiet and beautiful time at the moment. It was not until Mino couldn't help but make a sound that the silence of the whole night was broken.

"Sometimes I can't help but think, if only I could live here all the time, at least I don't have to go back to face those intrigues. 'Ryan, you don't have to stay with us all the time. As long as you say you want to go back, we will be with you, ' she thought. You should always remember that I am your wife and Colin is your son. We will support you unconditionally."

Mino said seriously what she had kept in her heart these days. When she said something, she felt much relieved, as if a big stone was thrown out from her heart.

Since the moment she came here, Mino actually wanted to say something like that, because she knew the identity of Ryan and how busy he was as the chairman of the board. He didn't have so much time to accompany his wife and son, but now he had been accompanying them all the time, obviously taking up the time of work.

Maybe Mino wanted to be with Ryan forever, but she didn't want Ryan to give up his career and the world that had been built up by several generations for him.

Even if he didn't give up at the moment, she didn't want to affect him because she and Colin came back.

Although sometimes she would say something that would make him angry if she was really depressed, she calmed down and thought that Ryan had done too much for her.

Since she loved him, she should tolerate everything, even his career.

"It doesn't look like Mino at all. Did something happen to our Mino? Or is it because of my jar of mature vinegar?" Ryan shrugged and smiled at Mino.

Mino stared at him helplessly. Why did he always refuse her? Every time she said something so seriously, he would pour cold water on her!

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