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   Chapter 158 Pretend To Be Weak

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10487

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It seemed that the answer just now was barely acceptable, but Mino's forehead was already sweating because of Ryan's question. She took a deep breath and looked at him. "Well, have you finished asking this question? Can I get up now?"

It was tiring to look up at people all the time. Mino was squatting on the ground while Ryan was standing. There was a huge difference between the height of the two people. Now Ryan was still standing, so there was a distance between Mount Qomolangma and the plain. It took Mino a lot of efforts to raise her head to see the expressions on Ryan's face. In order not to miss every expression on his face, Mino had to raise her head all the time.

She felt like she was a child who had made a mistake, so in order to show equality, she applied to stand up.

Ryan lowered his eyes and looked at Mino up and down. After a while, he nodded slightly to show his consent to Mino's application to stand up.

With the permission of Ryan, Mino stood up from the ground at once.

But maybe it was because she had squatted for a long time that she couldn't stand up at once. The darkness in front of her eyes made her body shake. She gritted her teeth and wanted to stabilize her body, but the more she tried, the more she couldn't stand.

When she almost lost her consciousness, she suddenly fell into a warm embrace.

When Mino raised her head, she saw Ryan looking at her worriedly. The worry in his eyes completely hid his anger.

Pursing her lips, Mino struggled to get out of Ryan's arms and said, "Let go of me. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. Why do you still care about me?"

She started to sob. The more she spoke, the more aggrieved she became. Tears slowly welled up in her eyes.

Seeing that Mino really cried, Ryan panicked for a moment. He reached out to wipe away the tears in Mino's eyes, but was pushed open by her. "Don't you want to teach me a lesson? All right, all right. I won't resist and let you teach me a lesson!"

Mino felt wronged at the thought of her being chased all over the world in the early morning. But she didn't expect that Ryan would find a cute turtle on his face at the first thought, and the most annoying thing was that it was drawn with a ball pen, which couldn't be washed away at all!

It was Ryan who was the most aggrieved one!

"All right, all right. I'm not angry anymore! How could you cry since you are old enough? Aren't you afraid that Colin will laugh at you?"

Ryan pointed at Colin, who was standing aside with his arms crossed in front of his chest and watching the fun. Mino secretly winked at Colin. The latter immediately understood what she meant by blinking, and the smile at the corners of his mouth deepened.

"Didn't you eat anything this morning? Don't you know you have anemia? You didn't eat anything in the morning and stayed here for such a long time. If I weren't here just now, you would have fainted and bumped into something. What should I do at that time?"

While complaining about Mino, Ryan helped her walk outside.

Mino obediently let Ryan help her out of the kitchen. Colin followed them. Ryan helped

ate the food cooked by Ryan every day, she would probably get fat in a short time.

Colin didn't eat much on that day, but when they saw the food cooked by Ryan, he also ate a lot.

The two of them touched their round bellies and sighed with satisfaction.

It was not until then that Colin remembered the snow wolf. He walked to the basket and looked at the snow wolf. He gently pointed at its little nose.

The tip of Snowball's nose moved slightly, and her two eyes gradually opened. Seeing that the little guy had woken up, Mino quickly stood up from her seat, ran to the side of the little snow wolf and squatted down, while Colin quickly gave the prepared food to the little snow wolf.

When Mino stood up from the chair at the first time, Ryan's face darkened. How could Mino, who had just been ill, become lively after eating a little?

Ryan was not a fool. When he heard Mino say that she was not feeling well and saw her weak face, he was so worried that he forgot to investigate.

Now if he thought carefully, her face did not change at that time. Except for her painful face, her face was still the same.

Ryan had seen the appearance of Mino when she had anemia, which was completely different from now. Thinking of this, the light in Ryan's eyes became more and more dangerous.

The snow wolf opened its eyes four times and saw Mino at the first sight. It rolled its eyes and looked away from Mino, and then looked at Ryan behind Mino. Ryan was sitting on the chair. Although he didn't come over, the concern in his eyes couldn't be fake.

No matter whether the little wolf would be wild or not when it grew up, at least it saved his son's life now. This was enough for Ryan to care about it.

Taking a look at Ryan, the snowy wolf turned to Colin. It looked at Colin tightly as if it was worried about him.

Mino saw the expression in the eyes of the little snow wolf and Ryan smiled and said, "Don't worry, little guy. Colin is fine. We all want to thank you."

The little guy moved his ears and closed his eyes as if he had understood what Ryan said.

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