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   Chapter 155 Complaints From Colin

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10442

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Mino looked at her son helplessly. Now she was one hundred percent sure that this little guy was joking with her in the early morning!

She reached out and pinched Colin's white and tender cheek, saying, "well, you little thing, is it because your mother has been too good to you recently that you dare to joke with me!"

Colin stretched out his little hands and tried to get rid of Mino's hands. Although speaking of intelligence, Mino was not as smart as Colin, but in terms of strength, Mino was far more than him.

She pinched his cheek but didn't let him go. It was useless for the little guy to pull her hand away.

In the end, the little boy finally gave up and said, "Mom, I'm sorry! I saw your nervous face just now, so I wanted to tease you and make you less nervous! "

Colin said in a childish voice. His little face were bulging and looked particularly cute.

Mino knew that the little boy was playing cute with his own weapon, but she just couldn't stand her son like this. In addition, seeing that the enemy had already surrendered, she simply let go of Colin's little face and deliberately looked at her son with a straight face. "You little thing, are you still reasonable now? Should I thank you for making fun of me? "

Mino looked at her son. Colin was about to nod, but under Mino's oppression, he shook his head and said, "No, No. Mom, how is the little snow wolf? Is it still sleeping? "

Colin were obviously trying to change the topic, and Mino also know it. Seeing that her son didn't want to say anything more, she didn't continue the topic.

But at that time, she just held Colin tightly in the room in case he caught a cold, so she didn't pay special attention to whether the little snow wolf had woken up or not.

But she saw it still sleeping in the small basket and didn't move. It should be still alive!

"No. If Colin wake up, let's go out to see the little thing together, okay?"

Mino talked to Colin in a childish tone. Colin looked at Mino with disgust. Although he was a child, he was far more intelligent than a child!

His mother really treated him as a little baby all day long.

Perhaps in the eyes of that parents, children would never grow up. Therefore, even though Colin was so smart, Mino would still treat him as a child, trying to dote on him and love him as much as possible.

Even when she spoke to him, she unconsciously softened her tone.

Seeing that Colin didn't say anything, Mino waved her hand hard in front of him, so the little guy nodded helplessly. He had no choice but to nod at Mino's childish behavior, indicating that he wanted to see how little snow wolf was now.

But obviously, Mino only knew the meaning of the last expression, and even if she understood the first one, she ignored it!

Mino helped Colin pick it up, changed her clothes and took him to the living room. The snow wolf was still asleep in the living room, and Colin squatted next to his basket to look at it. Seeing that the little guy was still asleep, they didn't want to disturb it. But on second thought, they realized that the little thing haven't eaten an

mind to run, so she went straight to the kitchen. Seeing that her son was busy in the kitchen, Mino walked up to him and said, "Colin, mom is here to help you!"

Colin raised his head and looked at Mino. Seeing that Mino was looking at him with a smile, the corners of his mouth trembled. Then he said slowly, "Mom, did you do something bad again? Last time when you smiled like that, you destroyed a father's precious oil painting, which made him nagging for a long time. You smiled the same way last time before that time. You threw the proposal ring that dad was going to give you to the washing machine and washed it, which caused the ring to fall into the washing machine. "

Colin counted the 'good' things Mino had done one by one with his fingers. Mino pursed her lips and looked at her son. When he counted all the things she had done, she said, "But this time, there is really nothing happened this time! Don't Colin believe me? "

Colin was always clever about this kind of thing, so he shook his head decisively. Mino looked at her son with an injured face.

"The reason why I ruined his oil painting last time was that I wanted to draw the same one to impress your father! But I don't know how to draw, so I put it on the oil painting! Who knows it will be broken after I use too much strength! It's not my fault! "

Thinking of the anger on Ryan's face at that time, Mino could not help feeling a chill on her back.

She shrank her body and said, "As for the proposal ring, it's not my fault at all! He put the ring in the pocket of his trousers without telling me. I saw the trousers and took it to wash by the way. How would I know there was a ring in it! Besides, I haven't be proposed yet. This was my punishment!"

At the thought of the ring, Mino felt very aggrieved. At that time, it was Ryan who planned to propose to her, but she unexpectedly threw it into the washing machine by accident. At last, they had to hire a professional maintenance worker to take it out of the washing machine, but the ring was severely deformed and could not be used.

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