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   Chapter 154 No Choice But To Suffer In Silence

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10229

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After Mino and Ryan came back, the little guy had just been treated. When he followed them in, the wound had been bandaged, so he didn't see clearly how many wounds the little guy had received from beginning to end. He only knew that the blood was flowing like an open tap, and no matter how hard he tried, it couldn't be covered with his hand.

Now he wanted to reach out to touch the little thing in front of him, but he didn't dare to do it at all. He was afraid that he would accidentally touch its wound again.

Colin squatted on the ground and stared at the little thing for a long time. The little thing fell asleep deeply and its eyes were tightly closed. It breathed so lightly that if you didn't listen carefully, you couldn't hear the faint breath at all.

Colin looked at the little snow-white thing in front of him through the bright moonlight. The bandage had been changed, so there was no bloodstain on it. It seemed to have integrated with its snow-white hair.

Colin squatted for a long time and his legs were a little numb. He moved his legs cautiously, however, the little thing lying on the bed moved its ears unexpectedly.

He looked at the little thing's ear in surprise. Although it only moved a little, it had proved that the little thing was in a semi-conscious state. It was just because it had bled too much that it could not open its eyes.

If he had already had consciousness, it meant that it was much better. Colin was very happy that the little guy in front of him wouldn't leave him easily.

After a while, Colin gradually felt sleepy. He yawned, stretched and lay on the sofa, but his eyes were fixed on the little guy. He didn't want to leave the little thing in front of him for one second.

From the moment he saw it, he had treated it as his best friend, and now as a family member.

Gradually, Colin's eyelids began to fight up and down. He tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids were heavy.

The moonlight was flowing quietly in the room like water. The moonlight through the window was even softer, illuminating the delicate sleeping child in the room.

Beside the child, a little white wolf covered with a blanket was sleeping, and its little ears moved from time to time.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was already dawn. When Mino woke up from her sleep, she moved her sore body. Thinking of what happened last night, she angrily stared at the sleeping Ryan.

Obviously, Ryan was too tired to sleep because of the disturbance last night. He didn't even notice the resentment in Mino's eyes.

Looking at Ryan, Mino suddenly came up with an idea. She walked to the table with an evil smile and took a pen.

"Well, you forced me! I will pay you back with interest for what happened last night! I'm a woman, not a gentleman. Just accept it! "

Mino muttered in a low voice, spinning the pen between her fingers.

Ryan didn't know what Mino was thinking at all. He didn't know that a plot was coming at him.

Mino carefully worked for a long time, but Ryan didn't wake up at a

k to your room. It's the coldest morning outside. If you catch a cold, I'll feel sorry for you! Do you understand now? "

Mino finished her words in one breath. After that, she took a few deep breaths and felt much better.

Colin nodded hard and said, "I know. Mom don't miss Colin. Mom don't like Colin anymore, are you?"

Mino was rendered speechless.

Why did the problem rise to the height of love or not?

Didn't they just discuss whether she hugged him secretly! Besides, why did she feel that the little boy was making fun of her?

Looking at Colin, Mino swallowed hard and said, "Colin, I love you the most. I didn't say I didn't miss you. I just woke up and saw you at the first sight, so I can't do anything about it! After all, my dear son is right in front of me! "

After thinking for a while, Mino thought that what she had said was right. Colin must have no reason to find!

However Who is Colin!

If he could be fooled so easily, he would not be a gifted child with super high intelligence. Colin puckered his lips and looked at Mino with an aggrieved and tearful expression. Mino looked at her sweetheart and felt sorry for him. She sighed in her heart, "little ancestor, I'm afraid of you!"

"Colin is the beat boy, don't cry!"

Mino patted on Colin's back to comfort him. She wondered if she had said something wrong just now, which almost made him cry.

But she couldn't think of anything for a long time!

"Mom... You said that you love Colin. If you really love Colin, you won't lie to Colin! Apparently.... When mom woke up, the first person she saw was Dad. Mom just said it was Colin. Mom bullied Colin is a child! "

Mino was completely speechless. How dare she bully him! In terms of intelligence, she might not be better than Colin!

In terms of scheming, Colin and his father, who was still sleeping soundly, were enough to throw Mino out of two blocks!

Now the little guy said she bullied him!

Besides, she had forgotten that the first person she saw was Ryan! Was that lying?

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