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   Chapter 153 The Baby Plan

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"Don't lie to Colin like this in the future. Although Colin is young, he is not stupid at all. Although he is a little scared after these things, he still knows what a promise is and what a lie is!"

Mino turned to look at Ryan and said seriously.

Ryan lowered his head and kissed Mino's lips.

When Mino opened her eyes, she found that Ryan was looking at her with a smile.

"What are you looking at?" With a red face, she turned her head to avoid being seen by Ryan. How could Ryan let go of such a good opportunity? He leaned over and kissed her again.

Mino closed her eyes obediently and enjoyed the kiss.

As Mino closed her eyes, she felt very sensitive. She could clearly feel the frequency of Ryan's breath and his steady and powerful heartbeat.

Ryan lowered his head and kissed Mino's forehead again, trying to comfort her. Mino felt it and quieted down.

All of a sudden, the room became quiet. The two people's breaths crossed their necks. After a long time, Mino finally couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing? Let go of me! "

Ryan didn't say anything. He just held Mino tightly and prevent her from moving.

For a moment, the room was quiet again. Until Ryan asked softly, "do you remember what Colin said at that time? He said that he didn't want to be alone and he wanted us to be with him all the time."

Ryan's voice was full of bewitchment. Mino nodded unconsciously. He smiled with satisfaction and continued, "do you still remember that I said I would always be with him?"

Mino still nodded obediently, with her eyes closed.

Ryan continued in a soft voice, "Now I have a good idea. Can accompany with Colin all the time and don't make him feel alone! Kill two birds with one stone! "

Mino couldn't hear anything now. All she could think about was Ryan's low and magnetic voice with a smile.

"The idea is, let's have another child! Give birth to a sister for Colin, so that she can always be with Colin, then Colin won't be alone anymore. What do you think? "

Ryan continued, and Mino habitually nodded.

But in a daze, she still vaguely heard something. After a while, she suddenly opene

cold. It was very cold at night here, and water become very cold after being put in the water room for a period of time. After drinking a glass of cold water, he immediately woke up. He raised his head and drank up all the water in the glass before putting down the glass.

After he put down the glass, Colin heard a loud noise from the bedroom of Mino and Ryan, followed by the voice of Ryan.

"Mino, are you trying to murder your husband? How dare you kick me off the bed? I'll teach you a lesson! "

Colin sighed, then he walked outside to the nest of the snow wolf under the bright moonlight.

Through the moonlight, he could see that the little fellow's snow-white hair now reflected a faint blue light. The dark blue light looked particularly beautiful on the little fellow's body.

Colin wanted to touch the little guy, but when he thought of the wound on its body, he gave up the idea immediately.

He didn't know how many injuries the little guy had suffered. When he lifted the stone and beat the wild boar to death, the little guy could no longer stand.

He picked it up and ran here. When he ran back home, he was still in a daze and didn't wake up from the horrible thing just now, so the owner of the yard didn't let Colin in at all.

When the little guy was being treated inside, he was outside. Occasionally, he heard one or two whines. Although the sounds were weak, he could clearly feel the pain.

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