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   Chapter 152 Not A Simple Child

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10595

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"Is it this one?"

The owner of the yard threw the little wild boar on his shoulder to the ground. It was dead and its head was still bleeding.

Seeing that, Mino couldn't help but lean close to Ryan. Seeing the dead wild boar in front of him with hatred, Colin gritted his teeth and nodded.

"This little wild boar is about one and a half years old. Although it is not an adult, it will grow up soon. The little wolf can actually fight with it, and it can also make the boar have no strength to escape. The wolf is really powerful!"

The owner of the small yard couldn't help but sigh. He had hunted here for so many years and had seen countless animals, including the precious snow leopard. But it was the first time that he had seen such a fierce little beast.

Even if it was a snow leopard, it didn't dare to rush up when it saw a wild boar. But the little wolf which was just born dared to fight with it!

Thinking of this, the owner of the yard looked at the snow wolf in a different way.

Mino looked at the dead wild boar and saw its tusks. Although the tusks were not very long, they were as sharp as knives, which made her heart tightened.

The feeling of being stabbed by such a long fangs must be tearing. Fortunately, her son was not hurt.

"This boar's skin is very good and can be used in exchange for money. As for the meat, we can eat it tonight!"

The owner of the yard pointed at the dead body of the wild boar.

Colin curled his lips in disgust and said, "I don't want to eat this! If it hadn't been for it, snowy wolf wouldn't have been in a coma and almost died. I don't have any appetite for it."

Mino expressed her agreement with Colin's words, not because the wild boar almost killed the snowy wolf.

But when she saw a bloody thing in front of her, she really had no appetite.

For example, she had planned to make a fish for her son, and she wanted to buy a living fish in the market. But when she saw the man smash the fish with the back of the knife, and the scales and blood splashed on the man's body, she really couldn't eat it. In the end, the fish was not cooked either.

Colin looked at Mino, and the two looked at each other tacitly, expressing their protest about the dinner.

Both his son and wife protested, so Ryan couldn't force them. He had to say, "I think this wild boar should be left for the little snow wolf to nourish its body! Let's have some vegetables tonight!"

After seeing such a bloody scene, Ryan knew that the two of them couldn't eat any meat, especially Colin. Although Colin was not injured, he had seen the tragic scene of the fight between a wild boar and a snow wolf. In addition, it was him who really killed the wild boar in the end. In this way, Colin couldn't eat any meat.

As expected, when Ryan said this, Colin gave him a grateful look. With a smile, Ryan said, "Are you very grateful to dad?"

Colin shook his head, walked to Mino and held Mino's hand. Mino smiled back and held Colin's hand. "I'm not very grateful, father. I just suddenly find that I'm really my father's child! Otherwise, there would never be such a tacit understanding!"

Colin said with a smi


That was why old people liked to gather together, while young people liked to be independent.

In the evening, Mino and Ryan cautiously moved the snow wolf back to their room. Colin sat on the sofa in the living room, lost in thought. He didn't watch the cartoon on TV.

Normally, he would have said that it was too childish and changed it to the news channel.

"What's wrong with my son? What are you thinking about since you came back?"

Mino sat down next to Colin and gently pushed Colin with her arm.

The little boy broke out of his thoughts at once. Looking at Mino, who was very close to him, he felt a lump in his throat and threw himself into Mino's arms. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Mom, I don't want to lose mom! I want dad and mom to be with me all the time. I, don't be alone."

Colin's voice was trembling. Hearing Colin's words, Mino's heart trembled. This child had actually thought of such a long-term thing.

She gently stroked Colin's head and said, "Dad and mom are still young! There is still a long time to accompany you. You don't worry."

Colin shook his head hard and said, "Long time is not enough. You have to be with me forever!"

Mino looked at her son helplessly. Sometimes he was as smart as an adult, and sometimes he was so childish. How could someone be with another person forever?

"Dad and mom will always be with you!"

Before Mino said anything, a voice came from behind the two.

Mino knew who was behind her without looking back. She curled her lips and thought, 'I don't lie to children like you!' She didn't say that at all!

In the evening, after coaxing Colin to sleep, Mino rubbed her sore shoulder tiredly. She had experienced too much on this day, and she needed to think it well.

Behind her, Ryan gently reached out and held Mino in his arms. He rested his chin on her shoulder and said softly, "It is my white lie. Colin doesn't feel safe now. It's good for him!"

Mino didn't refute. She admitted that after Ryan said that he would always be with Colin, Colin was obviously happier, but he was still lying to the child!

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