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   Chapter 151 Save The Snow Wolf

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10702

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Ryan reached out and held Mino's hand. His hand was warm and safe. Feeling the warmth from his hand, Mino gradually calmed down. When they returned to the small yard, Colin was crying. The owner of the small yard was not in the yard. The yard was empty, and the little snow wolf was not seen.

Mino saw that Colin had changed his clothes. Although his eyes were still hollow, he was not hurt.

Mino walked up to check with concern and asked, "Colin, how do you feel? Is there any pain on your body?"

She was shocked at the thought of the blood all over his body when he came back.

Even though he had changed his clothes, she still couldn't help worrying. After all, the scene was shocking, and she would always be worried.

Colin looked at Mino blankly. Seeing the anxiety in Mino's eyes, he shook his head with difficulty.

"No, I'm fine. I'm fine..."

After saying that, Colin's eyes turned even redder. Looking at him now, Mino became more and more afraid.

She grabbed Colin's arm, looked into his eyes and asked, "Colin, tell me what happened between you and wolf. How could you come back with blood all over your body? How is the little wolf?"

Mino asked, but there was a thought in her mind that if the blood was not Colin's, then it could only belong to the snow wolf!

Thinking of the dying look of the snowy wolf just now, Mino was more sure that of her thought.

She took a deep breath, looked at the frightened expression on Colin's face and gently patted his back.

At this moment, the hidden fear seemed to find an outlet. The tears in Colin's eyes fell down and he threw himself into the arms of Mino.

"Mom, I am scared. I am so scared!"

Colin trembled on Mino's shoulder. His small bodies shrank into a ball, looking extremely pitiful.

Mino held Colin in her arms. It was obvious that it was not the right time to get to the truth of the matter. Colin was so scared that it must be a bad experience. If he didn't say it himself, it would always be the bad memories in his heart when anyone else asked him to think of it.

Although Mino was sometimes careless, she knew that. If Colin didn't want to say anything, she wisely chose not to ask.

Looking at Mino and Colin holding each other, Ryan walked up and gently held Colin's hand. "Colin, don't worry. It's all right. Nothing will happen."

A father's position in the child's heart could not be replaced by a mother. At this time, it could be seen that a father by the child's side would make the child have an invisible sense of security.

Obviously, Ryan's words worked. Getting out of Mino's arms, Colin looked at Ryan and nodded slightly.

"Mom..." After Mino comforted Colin for a long time, the little boy opened his mouth and said something. Mino was stunned. She knew that her son had decided to tell her what had happened, so she listened quietly.

Colin took a deep breath, closed his eyes tightly and opened them after a while.

"Just now..." Before Colin could finish his words, the owner of the yard came out of his room. Colin stopped talking all of a sudden. He ran forward and looked at the blood in the owner's hand. His body couldn't help trembling. Mino held Colin's hand a

e that he had obviously recovered from what had just happened.

The three of them squatted on the ground around the snowy wolf, looking the same. Their movements were very unified, "Mom, I don't know if there is any delicious food in the kitchen. I want to bring them to the snowy wolf to let it eat!"

Colin suddenly whispered, as if he was afraid of waking up the little wolf.

Mino thought for a while and nodded slightly. "There is still some soup in the kitchen. Colin, go and bring it to snowy wolf! But it was still asleep. It wouldn't be too late to feed it after it woke up! Do you think so? "

The little wolf was still asleep, and Mino didn't want anyone to disturb it.

Since knowing that the snow wolf had saved her son, Mino's attitude towards the snow wolf had changed fundamentally. From treating a small animal to treating a friend or benefactor now.

After listening to Mino's words, Colin thought it was reasonable. If he went to get the food now, it would be cold and not delicious when the little wolf woke up. He might as well wait until it woke up.

Thinking of this, Colin stretched out his hand and pulled up the thin blanket covering the snowy wolf, trying to cover it more clearly.

When he pulled the blanket, he happened to lift up a piece. He saw the bandage tightly wrapped around the little fellow's side. The blood had already dyed the bandage red, and the mottled blood stained the white fluffy blanket.

Mino and Ryan also saw it. Ryan frowned. He didn't expect this little wolf to be so intelligent. Colin had only taken it back from outside for a few days, but it knew to save its master in times of crisis. It seemed that he had to reconsider whether to keep snowy wolf or not.

The three of them just squatted on the ground and looked at the little wolf for a long time. It was not until the owner of the courtyard came back that the three of them realized that their legs were not their own and they were too sore to stand up.

Mino reached out and held Ryan, while Colin held Mino. With a sad face, Ryan had to stand up on his own, and he had to help Mino when he stood up.

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