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   Chapter 146 Super Glorious

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By the time Mino came to her senses, she had already been pressed under Ryan. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the man who was staring at her affectionately. After a long time, she said, "did you notice a serious problem just now?"

Ryan didn't say anything. He knew that Mino liked to disturb the atmosphere at this time, so he just ignored her and continued his action.

Mino twisted her body and was dissatisfied with Ryan's indifference to her.

Finally, under the continuous attack of Mino, someone was completely defeated. He said helplessly, "all right, all right. Don't twist anymore. Tell me, what is the important thing?"

Ryan stopped, but his breath was a little heavy. Mino adjusted her clothes, looked at Ryan and thought for a while. "When you kissed me just now, it seemed that we two didn't brush our teeth!"

Ryan looked at Mino helplessly!

The two of them were having meals just now, and kissing her was a spur of the moment thing. How could they brush their teeth in advance!

Seeing that Ryan didn't move, Mino opened her eyes wide and asked, "what's wrong? Go on! "

It was not until now that Ryan concluded that Mino had said those words on purpose to disappoint him! He pinched her cheek and smiled when he saw her painful face.

"You are a bad girl. How dare you do that?"

Seeing that Mino really felt a little pain, Ryan loosened his grip.

Mino was so painful that her tears almost fell down. She shook her head hard, but she didn't say anything. She just looked at Ryan with a pitiful look. Her tearful eyes looked particularly attractive, making people want to protect her.

What's more, the man in front of her was still Ryan, who had no resistance to Mino at all!

As a result, under the attack of Mino's pitiful eyes, Ryan was defeated again. Depressed, he let go of Mino's face and sighed, "I really can't do anything against you. Well, now! Do you dare to do that again? If you don't tell me, I'll continue! "

Hearing the ambiguous word "continue" from Ryan, Mino couldn't help shrinking her body. She rolled her eyes, thinking about the possibility of escaping now, but the final conclusion made her very disappointed, because it was zero!

It would be better if she was standing. But now, she was tightly pressed under Ryan. Even if she really wanted to run, she couldn't.

So she decided to continue using the honey trap. "Ryan, what do you mean by 'dare'? I don't know what you are talking about, but I will listen to whatever you say, okay?"

[许米诺] deliberately softened her voice and looked at [袁烨霆] affectionately with her gentle eyes.

Ryan couldn't stand Mino looking at him like that. His breath became heavy again. "Mino, I think you did it on purpose!"

lked with her and laughed, and sometimes he even argued with his son in a childish temper.

But sometimes, he was very manly.

In her dream, she was very happy. She didn't have to worry that Colin would be in danger. She didn't have to worry that her husband would be taken away by another woman, even if that woman had never entered his heart, but she was still his nominal legal wife.

In her dream, she smiled happily, like a blooming flower in spring. She had never been so happy before.

Ryan didn't know what Mino have dreamed of. He only saw her smiling happily. He reached out and touched her fair face. Looking at the faint blush on her face, he thought that she must be very happy in her dream. How could she smile so happily.

But... Ryan frowned again. She had never smiled so comfortably when she was with him. Was it not good to be with him? Or did his business make her unable to laugh?

Ryan thought a lot this noon. He didn't notice that Mino slowly woke up from her dream.

Mino opened her sleepy eyes and looked at Ryan, who was in a daze and didn't know what he was thinking. She reached out and gently touched his upturned nose.

Instinctively, Ryan reached out and grabbed Mino's little hand. He looked down and saw that Mino was looking at him with her big eyes. She smiled happily.

"What's wrong? You have been sleep for a long time. Have you slept enough? "

Hearing Ryan's intentionally soft voice, Mino squinted and smiled back.

She turned over lazily and couldn't help making a sound like a little beast. Ryan held her in his arms and rested his head on her shoulder. "You have slept enough. I'm exhausted!"

When Mino fell asleep, she was resting her head on Ryan's arm. He was afraid that he would wake her up if he moved, so he kept this posture until Mino just woke up.

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