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   Chapter 145 Spicy Braised Pork

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"Go and find Colin! If you go there too late, Colin will eat up all the delicious food, you won't be able to eat anything!"

As soon as Mino finished her words, the little guy ran away without looking back.

Curling his lips, Mino turned around and sat down on the chair. She saw that the bowl in front of Ryan didn't move at all.

"What's wrong? Is the food I cooked not delicious? If it doesn't taste good, just tell me the truth! "

Looking at the table full of things, Ryan opened his mouth and said, "No! Mino did a good job this time. Didn't Colin just say that! Really, not bad. "

After saying that, he felt heartless. He lowered his head and could only take a bite of the rice to cover it. But as soon as he took a bite of the rice, Ryan felt a pain in his teeth. He took out the thing in his mouth without being noticed. At this time, he found it was a small stone.

Because of the rice here! Vegetables, fruits and even their daily meat were planted by the owner of the yard himself, so they were not as exquisite as those bought in the supermarket in the shopping mall. However, Ryan seriously suspected that Mino hadn't even washed the rice when she cooked!

"What's wrong?"

Seeing that Ryan was staring at a piece of little black thing with his head down, Mino couldn't help but ask in confusion.

Ryan raised his head and shook his head with difficulty.

"It's nothing. Mino, the food you cook is so delicious. It's my first time to eat such delicious food cooked by you, so I'm moved!"

After saying that, Ryan took another bite of rice. This time, he had accumulated the experience of the last time. He chewed it carefully every time, fearing that it would fall on his teeth as if it had just been eaten.

Fortunately, he was lucky this time, so he didn't eat the stone at all. But when Ryan was happy, some dishes appeared in his bowl. "Don't always eat rice! Have a taste of the braised pork I specially made for you. It's the wild pork meat that the owner of the farmhouse beat from the mountain! The original ecology! "

Mino had tasted the pork meat cooked by others in the restaurant before. It was her first time to cook it!

She was very nervous. She had heard that if cooked well, wild pork meat would be very delicious. If not, it would be very bad. She really didn't know what would happen when she cooked for the first time. Would it be bad?

Looking at the expectant look on Mino's face, Ryan took a deep breath. Looking at the large piece of braised pork in front of him, he swallowed and asked, "do you really want me to eat it?"

"Are you afraid that it won't taste good?"

Disappointed, Mino said, "how about this! I'll taste it first. If it doesn't taste good, you don't have to eat it! "

As soon as Mino finished her words, she was about to pick up the braised pork with chopsticks. Ryan immediately grabbed the meat from Mino's chopsticks. Then he swallowed it.


A spicy taste instantly filled his mouth. Ryan deeply suspected that the color of red braised pork was not caused by the soup, but.... By the capsicol!

At the thought of this, he felt his mouth even more spicy. He quickly w

going on! "

Ryan's voice was so gentle that Mino's resentment disappeared.

Knowing how awful the braised pork was, and thinking that Ryan had just eaten such a big piece and told her that it was delicious, Mino's eyes were filled with tears, like stars.

"Does it hurt? Why are you crying? "

Ryan moved Mino's head towards him and examined her mouth carefully. There was a little blister on her pink lips, which looked a little ferocious.

She frowned in pain and covered her mouth with her hand. Then coughed violently, but the more she coughed, the hotter it was.

He lowered his head and kissed her moist lips, sucking in the spicy taste on her lips. The spicy taste spread in her mouth. Ryan frowned slightly, and Mino felt that her lips were less painful. The limp and numb feeling occupied the burning pain. She reached out and pushed Ryan.

Ryan reluctantly left Mino's lips and looked at her tearful eyes.

"What's wrong? Did I accidentally touch your blister and hurt you? "

There was a hint of guilt and affection in Ryan's voice.

Mino shook her head and blushed. She turned her head away and didn't dare to look into Ryan's eyes Just now... I feel much better after that. So it doesn't hurt anymore. "

Ryan's gentle kiss really sucked away a lot of the spicy taste from her lips, so it really alleviated the pain.

Seeing that Mino's face turned red, Ryan smiled and whispered in Mino's ear, "Does it really not pain anymore? Then let's continue! "

He lifted Mino up from the chair and was about to walk to the bed.

Unprepared, Mino was picked up by Ryan. She couldn't help screaming when she suddenly lost her balance. But thinking of what Ryan had just said in her ear, she couldn't help but blush.

Ryan liked the shy look of Mino very much. He got close to her and said, "Mino, your face is red. You are so cute!"

Ryan's magnetic voice rang in Mino's ears, and his warm breath sprayed on her neck.

Mino couldn't help shrinking her neck and leaning weakly against Ryan's arms. Seeing his smile getting deeper and deeper, she seemed to be intoxicated in it.

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