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   Chapter 144 A Dark Man

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 9929

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It turned out... It turned out to be a mirror!

As Colin walked to her with the mirror in his arms, Colin raised the mirror with both hands high and raised it in front of Mino. Because of the height difference, he tried hard for a long time but failed to reach Mino's face. Seeing that his son worked so hard, Mino couldn't help but bend down.

When her eyes came into contact with the mirror, she was obviously shocked. Looking at the black figure in the mirror, she couldn't tell what kind of person he was. She couldn't believe that was her!

It was not so black when she was standing by the water!

How could this be?

Mino's first reaction was to look at her son seriously, "Colin, tell me the truth. Did you do anything to the mirror? Otherwise, it won't be like this!? When Mino was talking, the person in the mirror was also talking. Her white teeth were exposed, which was very funny.

At this time, Mino finally understood why Colin's face was red just now. It turned out that he wanted to laugh but couldn't, so he held it back very hard!

At the thought of this, Mino felt that her whole body was trembling. She reached out and grabbed Colin's small hand. "Colin, do you admit you have done something? Don't make fun of me!"

Mino still couldn't accept that she had become like this. Although she was a little embarrassed when she entered the house just now, she still greeted the owner of the yard kindly. Thinking of the strange expression of the owner of the yard just now, Mino finally understood why!

But how could she accept this fact?

How could she talk to others with such a face just now? She really had an impulse to drill into a mouse hole!

"Mom, do you want to wash your face? I've prepared the water in the room." Colin] suggested.

Hearing that her son had even prepared water for her, Mino couldn't help but feel touched. She reached out to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes and said.

"Okay, okay. You are the most considerate son in the world! You are not like your heartless father who always laughs!" As Mino spoke, she glared at Ryan.

Colin's stomach rumbled at this time. Mino was about to turn around to wash her face, but she heard her son's hungry voice.

She stopped and looked at Colin, "Colin, are you hungry? It's almost noon. I'd better cook first! It's not too late to wash face after cooking!"

Fortunately, it was not a big city, so there were only a few people here, and an outsider was the owner of the small yard. So Mino didn't care about her image so much.

Colin lowered his head and touched his belly with grievance and shook his head hard. "No, Colin is not hungry yet. Colin can hold it! You'd better wash your face first!"

Hearing that her son was so considerate, Mino was moved to tears. She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and made a big decision.

"No, I think I should cook for you first. Besides, I'm hungry too! Well, my dear son, just wait here. I will c

ere too short. He tried very hard, but he couldn't catch up with Colin. Especially when he reached the threshold, the little guy strode hard with two small claws in front and two legs in the back, but he failed after a long time.

In the end... The little guy turned over and fell to the ground. He tried again and again but failed to turn over.

Looking at the clumsy little guy, Mino covered her belly and laughed, "This little guy is definitely here to make fun of me! Look at its round belly!"

Hearing that Mino kept smiling and didn't come to help, the little guy raised his head and looked at her with his eyes full of sadness, as if he was saying, "You smiled so happily and didn't come to help even if I fell down."

However, no matter how the little guy looked at her, Mino didn't care about the meaning of that look, so the little guy finally tried to get up on his own in low spirits.

Seeing the little guy get up, Mino stood up from the chair, walked to him and held him up.

"Are you going to find Colin? If you go to find Colin, Colin should be in that cottage now. Go!"

Mino said, pointing at the house in the distance. She didn't care whether the little guy could understand her or not.

The little guy was placed outside the door by Mino. He turned his head to look at Mino and then chased after Colin with his short legs.

Looking at the little guy who was staggering, Mino turned to look at Ryan, who was worrying about the dishes on the table.

"Are you sure that little guy is the snow wolf? Why do I feel that except for acting cute, that little guy is not as good as a puppy?"

Walking to the middle of the courtyard, the little snow wolf suddenly felt a chill all over its body. It turned its little head to look at Mino with a little doubt in its eyes.

When Mino turned her head, she happened to meet the little guy's eyes. She suddenly felt a little strange. The little guy's eyes seemed to say that he understood what she said!

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