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   Chapter 143 The Burning Kitchen

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10344

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Looking at the little snow wolf running as if it was trying to escape to save his life, Mino curled her lips helplessly.

"Really? Is it that scary?"

Although she started to light the fire, she didn't burn anything. Why did the little guy run away at once? She murmured as she continued to light the fire.

Perhaps it was because the firewood was wet, no matter how many times Mino tried to light the fire, it just didn't work.

She looked at the furnace dejectedly. Thinking of Ryan's words, she regained courage.

"I won't let Ryan laugh at me! I must cook something to impress him!"

Mino took a deep breath and continued.

This time, she was smart enough to find some useless paper. Although she did not succeed in a short time, it looked much better than before.

When Colin came out of his room, he saw his father and the owner of the yard standing in the yard. The owner of the yard was fiddling with the boar skin he just hunt, and looked at Ryan from time to time.

Ryan, on the other hand, frowned. He didn't notice that the owner of the yard was looking at him. Instead, he was staring at the kitchen all the time.

Feeling curious, Colin raised his head and looked in the direction of Ryan's gaze. Thick smoke rose from the kitchen, seeming to be on fire.

Colin began to feel strange. Why didn't father go to the kitchen to put out the fire?

Then he looked around and didn't see his mother. He suddenly understood why his father didn't worry at all when the kitchen was almost on fire. It turned out that his mother was in the kitchen!

But... The corners of Colin's mouth twitched. He looked up at the sky and sighed, "Mom, your combat effectiveness is too high!"

"Dad, is it okay not to see her?"

Looking at Ryan, Colin was worried that Mino would really burn herself to death. Ryan looked down at his son and shook his head gently. He did want to go to see Mino. He was also worried about her safety, but she couldn't do nothing!

In his private heart, Ryan really hoped that Mino could be a little woman, cooking at home every day and taking care of the child.

And there was another reason for him to do so, which was to exercise her self-care ability. If there was anything else with him in the future, she would not starve herself to death!

Of course, Mino didn't know what was on Ryan's mind, but Colin was smart enough to know what his father was thinking.

After thinking for a while, he said, "Do you want me to go in and have a look? If my mother fainted because of the smoke inside, it would be troublesome!"

Colin's words shocked Ryan. Thinking of such a big smoke, he rushed into the kitchen immediately, fearing that something might really happen to Mino.

He walked inside in the thick smoke and felt a sharp pain in his nose every step he took forward. The thought that Mino had been in such a smoking place made Ryan's heart ache.

He was getting more and more scared, because he didn't see Mino in the kitchen. "Mino? Mino? Where are you, Mino?"

Ryan said anxiously. It was the first time that Colin had heard his fat

. Was she really that black?

Was she so funny?

She thought about it carefully and came to a conclusion that she was not!

She had seen it by the water. Although her face was dark, it was not so dark as to make them laugh like this!

"All right, all right. If you keep laughing, I will really be angry!"

Mino curled her lips discontentedly. Looking at the two men who were still laughing, she couldn't help but feel a little angry. Colin smiled and straightened up. After two steps forward, he stopped and looked up at Mino.

Confused, Mino asked, "What's wrong, Colin?"

She didn't know why her son had been staring at her, and the more he looked at her, the redder his face was. Logically speaking, Colin was not the kind of child who would easily blush. How could he do this now?

Mino couldn't figure it out. Finally, when Colin stared at Mino with a little embarrassment, he moved his eyes away.

Then he walked towards his room. Ryan stopped smiling and walked up to Mino, "Mino, what are you doing? Did you go to the coal mine?"

There was still a smile in his words.

Looking at Ryan, Mino snorted, "If you want to laugh, just laugh! It's so uncomfortable to hold it back!"

Before Mino finished her words, Ryan burst into laughter again. The laughter echoed in the small yard, which was unprecedented joyful.

During this period of time, not only Mino, but also Ryan had a hard time. Every day when he saw the depressed look on Mino's face, he couldn't help blaming himself.

He thought that as a husband, he was so incompetent that he even needed to let his wife hide in here. Until they came here, he put aside all his thoughts.

Hearing Ryan's laughter, the corners of Mino's mouth twitched. He was really obedient!

Why wasn't he always so obedient?

Now she let him laugh and he really laughed out of breath!

Mino snorted. When she turned around, she saw Colin come out of the room. She took a closer look at the little guy who was holding something in his hand and didn't see it clearly until she walked closer.

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