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   Chapter 141 Your Name Is Snowball (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5672

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"Colin, since you are going to keep this little thing, I think you can give it a name! You'd better not call him little wolf or little thing. If you give it a name, you can call him from now on."

As Mino spoke, she looked at the little guy in her arms who was still rubbing against her cantankerously. The little guy seemed to feel Mino's malicious gaze. When he raised his head, he saw that Mino was smiling.

Its little body couldn't help trembling, and its limbs and short legs struggled in Mino's arms, trying to escape from this embrace.

However, Mino had wanted to tease the little thing for a long time. How could she let it go? So she held it tightly.

Colin tilted his head and thought for a while. He thought what his mother said made sense. If he gave a name earlier, he could cultivate their relationship as soon as possible and let it be more familiar with this name. Perhaps he could control the born wildness of the little wolf!

Thinking of this, he nodded and said, "Since mom said so, let mom give you a name! I think he likes its name very much!"

As Colin spoke, he reached out his hand to touch the little guy's head, only to find that the little guy's lake green eyes were still shining with tears. Looking at him like this, Colin was stunned.

Mino was waiting for Colin's words! She would like to see how smart this little guy was!

With a malicious smile on her face, Mino had already felt that the little guy in her arms was trembling. It seemed that he was a little guy with intelligence!

After tilting her head and pretending to think carefully, Mino suddenly said in surprise, "Yes! How about Black Eggs?"

She felt the little thing in her arms tremb

guage, and said inexplicably, "Snowball, do you think you are a wolf elf? Otherwise, it seems that you can understand everything we say!"

Mino's words amused Colin.

"Mom, are you reading those mysterious novels again recently? Dad didn't allow you to bring it with you when you came here. Did you secretly downloaded it to the mobile phone library?"

Colin looked at Mino with amusement. He almost one hundred percent guessed what Mino had done.

Mino stuck out her tongue and said, "Colin, your father has been taking charge of me all day long. I'm already very pitiful! Boo... Hoo Are you going to bully me with him! I'm a weak woman!"

Mino pretended to be pitiful and put her phone under the pillow secretly.

Colin said helplessly, "I won't bully Mommy with Daddy! No matter what, mother was irreplaceable, and even father can't replace mother! But... Mom, are you sure you are a weak woman?"

At the thought that her mother had scared a snow wolf into a weak dog just now, Colin deeply doubted the three words of "a weak woman" to describe Mino.

Mino nodded hard and blinked, "Yes, Mommy is a weak woman!"

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