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   Chapter 139 Adorable Snow Wolf

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10657

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"What? This guy with drooping ears is a wolf! " Mino pointed at the little guy who leaned against Colin's arms lazily and said.

It was hard to imagine that such a small thing that could only play cute was an almost extinct treasure animal, the snow wolf!

The little thing seemed to understand Mino's words and it was dissatisfied with Mino's disdainful look when she pointed at it. It opened its small mouth and whined, but its child's voice was not a threat at all. At that time, Mino could not help but cover her stomach and laugh.

"Ryan, this little guy doesn't look like a wolf at all! But it seems very smart, and it is too short tempered! "

Ryan held Mino's hand and looked down at her gently.

In Ryan's eyes, Mino curled her lips and looked away with embarrassment.

"You.. Why are you looking at me like this? " It was not easy for Mino to be shy, but she was infuriated by Ryan's words again.

"Looking at you and wonder why are you so stupid?" As Ryan spoke, he looked at the little guy in Colin's arms and said with a smile, "I've told you just now that this little guy is not an ordinary little thing. It is very smart! What's more, its fur is snow-white and beautiful, so they are targeted by the hunting men. "

Mino curled her lips and said, "Well, I didn't listen carefully!"

When she heard that the little guy was a little snow wolf, all her attention was focused on the little white thing. She didn't hear what Ryan said at all.

"That's why I said you were stupid!" Ryan said bluntly. Mino could only lower her head and squat on the ground, drawing circles and cursing him!

"Dad, mom, this is not the time for us to talk about whether the little guy is an endangered animal or whether it is smart. The most important thing was that the little guy's mother had gone somewhere didn't know and the little guy was about to starve to death. I want to keep it, can I? " Colin looked up at the two people who didn't know what the point was and said helplessly.

Mino stood up from the ground at once and nodded hard, "Okay, okay, keep it! What a pity to starve such a cute little guy to death. "

As she spoke, she looked at the little thing in Colin's arms with threatening eyes. Ryan had no choice but to pull Mino into his arms and cast an apologetic look at the little snow wolf in Colin's arms.

Mino was a little annoyed by Ryan's eyes. She broke away from Ryan's arms and ignored him angrily. Ryan said, "well, I was just kidding."

"Really?" She looked up at him with doubt. Seeing that he nodded firmly, Mino stopped turning her back to him.

"But, Colin, although we can take the little thing back to save it now, we can't keep it all the time! Anyway, it was still a wolf. A wolf had its own wild nature. It's too dangerous! "

Ryan's expression was rarely serious. Mino looked at Ryan and then at Colin, who was stubborn. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

"No! I will keep it! It's so pitiful. And its mother abandoned it when it was so young. Since I saw it, I'll raise it! "

Sometimes, Colin's temper was very similar to Ryan's, especially the stubborn character. Now, neither of them was willing to give in, which

He took two steps closer to her and whispered in her ear with a warm breath, "just now, when I rubbed your hair, I felt like I was rubbing a snow wolf"

As soon as Ryan finished his words, he left Mino's side and walked quickly up the mountain before she could react.

Stunned, Mino watched Ryan go farther and farther away. She suddenly shouted, "Ryan, don't come back tonight if you dare! Otherwise, you won't be able to escape from the washboard, instant noodles and keyboard! Humph! "

Mino's loud voice made Ryan, who was walking far away, frown and look at the snowy mountain worriedly. The boundless white in this world seemed to be connected with the clouds in the sky.

Ryan looked up at the sky and sighed, "Alas... Fortunately, we don't live here for a long time. Otherwise, I'm really worried that the snow mountain will have avalanche all day long! "

But of course, Mino, who was far away from Ryan, didn't know what Ryan had said. Looking at his back, she was filled with anger, Colin walked up to Mino helplessly and pulled her hand. "Mom, if you don't go home now, the little thing will die!" At that time, Mino suddenly realized that the most important thing to do right now. She hurried forward to check the little wolf.

The little wolf had just protested and howled, but now it had used up all its strength. It looked weak, and its head was hanging on Colin's arm lazily.

Mino was shocked. Looking at the snow-white mass of half dead, she felt that the little thing was about to lose its strength. She quickly reached out and pulled Colin. "Colin, let's go back quickly. I'm afraid it can't hold on any longer!"

Hearing Mino's nervous tone, the little guy opened its tired eyes and looked at Mino gratefully.

It was not easy to walk down the mountain. There was a saying that it was easier to go up the mountain than to go down the mountain. That can probably well describe what Mino and Colin were!

The two of them trotted all the way, ignoring the flowers and the cool breeze all over the mountain. They only knew that they should hurry down the mountain to save this little life.

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