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   Chapter 138 Snowy Wolf

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10459

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After a long time, Colin squatted at the entrance of the cave and stared at it in a daze. Then they saw something staggering and crawling out of the cave.

All of a sudden, he pulled himself together and looked around with his eyes wide open. The white hairy little thing staggered to the entrance of the cave. Its four small paws were still a little unstable on the ground, and its little body looked a little thin.

Colin saw the group of white hesitated for a while, then dared to climb towards him. The little guy's fur was very beautiful, snow-white.

Its ears were still hanging on its head, and its fluffy hair was so cute. Colin's figure was reflected in its pair of beautiful lake green eyes. Seeing that Colin didn't go forward, the little guy just looked at him in the same place and opened his mouth to sob discontentedly.

At this moment, Colin relaxed his vigilance. The reason why he didn't leave was that he knew there hadn't been any big beast here for several days, so the one sobbing in the cave must be a little beast.

So he was not afraid, but he was not completely relaxed.

He had read a book about survival in the wild before, and he still remembered what it said. That's why he was very careful whatever he did.

But when he saw the little guy who was not much bigger than a ball, he was no longer on his guard.

Colin reached out and gently stroked the little guy's smooth and good-looking fur. At first, when the little guy saw he was about to touch, it couldn't help but shrink back, but when it realized that Colin didn't mean to harm, it gradually relaxed.

"Little thing, does your mother abandon you?"

Colin reached out and held the little guy in his arms. Although the little guy was not big, it was so light as if it had no flesh and blood.

Colin lowered his head and looked at the little guy in his arms, who was rubbing its body with a flattering look. He couldn't help but touch its smooth fur again.

"What if your mother can't find you after I take you away?"

Colin said as he touched the baby's soft fur. Strangely enough, the little guy seemed to understand what he meant. He raised his snow-white head and looked at Colin. A touch of sadness flashed through its beautiful eyes.

Colin held the little boy tightly in his arms carefully. The little guy didn't struggle. Instead, he rubbed gently in Colin's arms and rested its head on Colin's arm.

"Ahhh..." Her soft voice was a little weak. The little guy enjoyed being held by Colin.

"Since your mother has abandoned you, you can follow me from now on. I won't let you starve."

After waiting for a while, Colin finally made up his mind to take the little guy away.

It was impossible to hunt such a small thing. Without her mother, he would die.

How could he bear to see the little guy starve to death! It was so cute and fragile.

Colin picked up him and walked back along the road as he remembered. After a while, he heard Mino's call.

He was shocked and then realized that he had been out for a long time. His mother must be very anxious during these time!

Thinking of this, he quickened h

nd them. He didn't come over until he saw that Mino let go of Colin and the two were talking about something.

Seeing Ryan coming over, Colin frowned and a hint of worry flashed through his eyes.

'Father was more rational. Didn't know if he could allow me keep the little boy by my side.' His worry was not unnecessary.

As expected, when Ryan came over and saw the little boy in Colin's arms, he frowned and said, "Colin, put down the things in your hands!"

Colin took a step back and shook his head firmly. Seeing the serious look on Ryan's face, Mino smiled and said, "What's wrong with you? Why did you let him put down such a cute little guy? Besides, don't be so mean to Colin! "

Ryan pressed his lips and lowered his head. "Mino, do you know what is in Colin's arms?"

Mino was stunned. She turned to look at the snow-white thing in Colin's arms. It was just a white puppy. Why was he so angry?

"It's just..." Ryan said before Mino could finished her words.

"Are you going to say that it's just a little puppy?"

Mino nodded. It was just a puppy!

But Ryan knew her well. He knew what she was thinking even before she said it!

Looking at the innocent look on Mino's face, Ryan reached out his hand and gently tapped her forehead. He turned into a better mood when he saw her exaggeratedly holding her head and shouting that she would become stupid.

"Mino, let me tell you. This is not a docile puppy!"

"I know it's not docile When I held Colin just now, the little guy showed dissatisfaction with me and sobbed as if I abused him! "

Pursing her lips, Mino glared at the little guy in Colin's arms. The little guy tilted its head to look at Mino, looking funny and cute.

Ryan was completely defeated by the sense of crisis of Mino. He said helplessly, "this is not a good puppy, nor a bad puppy. It was a real snow wolf! What's more, it's a kind of snow wolf which almost extinct on the mountain. This kind of wolf is very smart, and its fur is very beautiful, so there are many people hunting it. No one has seen a wild one for many years! "

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