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   Chapter 137 Colin disappeared

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10053

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She took a rest, thought for a while and said, "I don't think Colin and I can climb up to the top. There still has a long way to go! I'm afraid we can't go down the mountain in time, even when it's getting dark. Why don't you go up and fetch the snow water yourself! Here is a beautiful place. Can Colin and I hang around here and wait for you to come back? "

Mino was really tired, and when she turned around, she found that Colin was also very tired. However, the little guy was always sensible, so he didn't say anything. However, his slightly red face and the constant gasping of breath couldn't deceive others.

Ryan felt that the two mother and son in front of him were really tired. Besides, he didn't want them to suffer with him.

What's more, the snow mountain was not a safe place to stay on. He had thought about letting them flow in the most beautiful place in the middle of the mountain. Now it was just the right place.

"Okay, I see. But Mino, you have to take good care of yourself and Colin. Although it's beautiful here, don't walk around. The mountain is not very high, but it is very large. If you two get lost, I'm afraid that even an army may not be able to find you! "

Ryan exhorted worriedly. He was afraid that Mino, such a childish girl, would lose track of Colin when they hanging around.

If he were in China, he was not afraid at all. After all, the language there was smooth. Even if they really got lost, they could still find the way home.

But it was different here!

Mino didn't know much about the language of this country. Although Colin knew a little about the language, as a child, he still can't use it proficiently.

If these two people were really lost, he would probably not be able to find them.

Hearing Ryan's nagging, Mino shook her head helplessly and said, "I see! 'Old man, if you don't leave now, it will be dark when you arrive. That will be the real danger that Colin and I two stay here at that time!'! It's dawn now. We can see the direction of the village from here on tiptoe. If we can still get lost at such a situation, we really need to check our intelligence! "

When Ryan passed by Mino, he found that he could really see the direction of the small village from here. If they really couldn't find the way back, they could also see the direction of the small village. So his worries were unnecessary!

Thinking of this, he finally understood what the saying "caring about others too much and get yourself blind" meant. He had been smart and calm, but one day he would end up like this. He didn't even know such a simple thing.

"Well, since you have said so, I'll go up the mountain myself. You stay here obediently and don't run around, or you'll pay for the consequences!"

Ryan said the last sentence gloomily, which was full of threat. Mino nodded obediently.

Seeing that Ryan had gone far, Colin raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Dad has gone far. Where are we going to play?" Mino sighed and reached out to rub his so

ino and couldn't even let her continue to sleep.

Therefore, according to these comprehensive judgment, it was not that Rose had been kidnapped Colin.

After excluding this possibility, Ryan was obviously relieved a lot.

As long as Colin was not under control, he must have seen something novel, so there should be nothing wrong.

Ryan's guess was right. When Mino and Ryan were extremely anxious, Colin had come to a small cave alone. The cave was not very big, and he had to crawl in it.

However, as a smart child, Colin wouldn't act rashly before he knew whether it was dangerous or safe.

He was just curious about this place, which was different from other places. There were flowers and grass nearby, and only a lot of small shrubs were planted. Although the trees were not lush, it was still strange.

He walked all the way and vaguely heard something calling in a low voice.

He came over and saw a small cave. The soil outside the cave seemed to have been dug by something. It didn't look like that it was formed naturally, but it seemed that something had been dug out the day after tomorrow.

Colin hesitated at the cave for a long time. The scream inside seemed to felt that someone was staying outside, and it didn't scream for a long time.

Just as Colin was about to leave, he heard another low and weak voice.

He stopped and looked carefully into the cave. Nothing could be seen from the outside. He could only vaguely feel that the cave was not very shallow.

The cave looked like was dug by a wolf or a fox, but Colin was not sure, because the cry inside was too weak and had lost its original appearance. Now it was more like a sad sob than a cry.

Colin wanted to leave, but when he heard the voice, he couldn't bear it. After a long silent, he said in a gentle voice, "Little guy. Come out. I'll take you to eat something delicious."

As soon as Colin's voice came out, the whimper in the cave disappeared again, and it had not been heard for a long time.

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