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   Chapter 136 Learn To Be A Good Mother

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10414

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Ryan shook his head and said with a smile, "This was not beef. It's deer meat. It's a natural wild animal Richard hunt in the mountain. You can't meet it at restaurant."

Mino walked up to Ryan and looked at the piece of deer in his hand carefully. The meat was fresh and juicy.

"Mino, it's up to you to make breakfast this time!"

Ryan put the deer meat on the plate and washed his hands with the water in the basin, then pulled Mino over.

Mino was pulled to the chopping board by Ryan. She stared at the bright red deer meat in front of her and looked at it with embarrassment.

"But... This thing knows me, but I don't know it! If such a good piece of material is destroyed in my hand, it will be a waste of precious treasure! Honey, such a technical thing, it would be better if you do! "

Mino looked at Ryan with a fawning smile, but the latter shook his head slightly, showing his disapproval of Mino's words.

"You have to learn how to cook. You don't even know what Colin likes to eat. Obviously, you are not a good mother. From now on, you have to learn to cook, which is the first index for being a qualified mother!"

Hearing Ryan's words, Mino suddenly felt that she was speechless. As a mother, she wanted to give all the best to Colin, so she had been working hard to prevent Colin from losing to other children at the beginning, but neglected to care about him.

She was indeed incompetent, but... Even if she knew that she was not good enough, she still cannot do these things!

Mino looked at Ryan with a bitter face and then at Colin who was washing his face.

"I... I admit that I'm not a good mother, so I can learn, but... Can you teach me how to do this? I really don't know how to cook it. No matter how hard I try, it will be useless! "

Looking at the tangled look on Mino's face, Colin patted Ryan's hand, and raised his head. "She is stupid. Dad, please forgive her!"

Mino was speechless, is there any son comment on his mom like this?

Ryan looked down at his son and rubbed his little head with a smile. "Since my Colin said so, I'll try hard to teach you myself. Disciple, you should watch and learn carefully!"

Mino nodded. Now that the two father and son were on the same side, she was no match for them for the time being.

Therefore, the whole morning was spent in cooking. At the beginning, Mino didn't believe it. After all, Ryan was the chairman of the Yuan Company!

Moreover, he had been living in the Yuan Family since he was a child. There were a lot of servants and maids. How could he do these things?

However, what happened later was completely out of Mino's expectation. Looking at Ryan's skillful movements, she couldn't help but change her suspicion into admiration. "Wow, that's awesome! Especially this knife skills, Ryan. When did you learn this? "

He knew how to make wine and how to cook, and he was not a novice. Judging from his skillful knife skills, he must be very skilled.

Ryan put down the knife in his hand, and Mino immediately wiped the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief. Then she heard Ryan said, "It's no

c than you. He knows to send flowers to girls!" Hearing this, Ryan was stunned, and then smiled complacently.

Just as Mino was wondering why Ryan smiled like this, he suddenly walked to the most prosperous place among the flowers and bent down.

Mino thought he would pick a bunch of flowers for her, but to her surprise, Ryan grabbed a few flowers, walked up to Mino and handed them to her. "I sent more flowers than my son!"

Mino felt powerless at once. She looked at the man with expectation, and then looked at the messy petals in his hand. Silently, she took Colin]'s hand and continued to walk up the mountain.

"Colin, I think I can only count on you in the future. Don't forget me after you get married!"

Hearing what Mino had said, Colin tilted his head and said, "Mom is the most important person for Colin. No one can replace you."

After saying that, Colin looked back at Ryan, who was still standing there in a daze and didn't know what to do.

His eyes seemed to say, "learn a little. That's how to coax people." Justin sighed. He was even worse than his son.

The snow mountain was not very high from a distance. Now it was not until they wanted to climb up that they realized it was so high. The three of them had walked for a long time before they climbed to the hillside. Colin gasped and squatted on the ground to rest.

Mino patted her chest with one hand and pressed her waist with the other. She was so tired that she gasped for breath.

"The mountain looks like not very high. Now when I climb, I know it's so high! I'm so tired! "

Mino took a few deep breaths before she finished her sentence.

Ryan smiled and patted her back gently. He wiped the sweat off her forehead and said, "You are on the plateau. The air is thin. It's natural to feel tired to climb the mountain. Because you are tired, you feel that the mountain is very high. In fact, this mountain is almost the same height as the mountains we have been before! "

Hearing Ryan's explanation, Mino nodded and said, "I see! I thought this mountain was very high! "

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