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   Chapter 135 Jealous Of My Son

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10496

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"Okay, okay. I like everything made by Colin! But now mom has Colin, which means she has the whole world. As long as she has Colin, that's enough for her! " Mino said seriously, holding Colin in her arms.

However, before she could finish her words, a jealous voice came from behind, "it turns out that Mino only needs Colin! Then your husband, me, is useless? "

Mino sighed secretly. She was so excited just now that she even forgot the guy behind her! She knew that guy can be jealous of his own son!

"Honey, I'm everything to you, that's enough!" Mino suddenly admired her intelligence. She looked at Ryan, who didn't know what to say for a moment, but there was a happy expression appeared on his face.

Mino smiled sweetly. She finally knew why her son was so smart! He must have inherited her excellent genes!

Just when someone was imaging that her son was so smart because of her, she didn't expect that Ryan didn't play according to common sense. He smiled and totted, "Mino is becoming more and more narcissistic. All I have is my baby son, not you!"

Mino turned around and glared at [袁烨霆], who was not to be outdone. The two of them just stared at each other.

Colin shook his head helplessly. These two people were really enemies!

"Mr. Ryan, Mr. Ryan?"

Just when the war between the two was hard to solve, the owner of the courtyard appeared in time to save Colin who was standing aside helplessly. The two person who were glaring at each other looked away at the same time. Not to be outdone, Mino glared at Ryan again.

Ryan looked at Mino with amusement. Seeing that she was so angry with her mouth pouted and looked particularly cute. With a smile, he turned around and said in a fluent foreign language, "we are here!"

They returned along the way they came. When they saw the owner of the courtyard, there was a slight smell of wine on his body, his figure was a little shaking and he cannot stand firmly. They guessed that he might had drunk two glasses of wine when he met his friends.

"I had a few drinks with my friends. Please don't take it to heart!"

The owner of the yard said with a smile as he walked ahead.

Ryan waved his hand and said, "No, that's ok. Sometimes I will drink several glasses of wine when I have a good chat with my friends!" The two of them chatted with each other all the way back to the small yard. The owner of the yard was a hunter. He usually went up the mountain to hunt when he had nothing to do. He had a son, but his son went to a big city, he was the only one left in the family.

Ryan remembered that he had seen his son here last time when he was on holiday. At that time, his son was only a child of sixteen or seven. He was polite and kind to Ryan. Now he was more than 20 years old!

When they returned to their room, Mino squinted at Ryan, who was still busy, and asked in confusion, "what are you doing?"

Pointing at the can in his hand, Ryan smiled and said, "He gave us some grapes just now. He said that he picked some grapes from the mountain and let us have a taste. I learned how to make wine from a winery master before. Although it's ca

ir. The little guy fell asleep after returning home. His sleeping side face was particularly like Ryan's, just as the copy of each other.

However, Colin's eyes were bigger and more beautiful, like a beautiful glazed doll.

But Ryan's eyes were more charming and intimidating. Kevin's eyes were also attractive, but they were different from Ryan's.

Kevin's eyes were full of gentleness, which made people want to fall into his tender and charming eyes unconsciously.

While Ryan's eyes were dignified and domineering, with a trace of coldness, as if there were four words, "keep away from strangers", which made people only dare to look at him from afar and dare not approach him.

"That's right. But from now on, I won't let you run away again!" Ryan reached out and held Mino tightly in his arms. His forehead rubbed against her back and his body clung to hers. She could clearly feel his breath behind her, and he could clearly hear her slightly rapid heartbeat.

The room was very quiet. The two of them seemed to enjoy the quietness, and neither of them was willing to disturb the peace at the moment.

Gradually, Ryan felt that Mino's breath became more and more stable. He stood up and saw that Mino was still asleep with her eyes closed.

He lowered his head and gently kissed her on the forehead, with a slight but happy smile on his face.

The morning of the small village came very early. Waking up from the noise of chickens and dogs, Mino stretched lazily. Ryan and Colin had already packed themselves up and were doing something there.

Mino turned over and lay prone on the bed and looked at the two busy people. "What are you doing?"

Ryan put down the things in his hands and said, "Nothing. The owner went hunting early in the morning, so we have to make breakfast by ourselves. Colin is very obedient and is helping me!"

Wearing a pair of specially made straw slippers, Mino got out of bed and curiously looked at the things in Ryan's hands.

"What's this? Beef? " The thing in Ryan's hand was read, a little like beef, but more delicate than beef.

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