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   Chapter 133 This Promise Valid For A Lifetime

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10826

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"Let's enjoy the scenery here. You can go and meet your friends!"

Ryan could tell at a glance that Mino was looking forward to the beautiful scenery in front of him. She turned to the owner of the yard and said.

The owner of the yard was also an open-minded person. He immediately nodded in agreement, and then staggered out of the night.

Mino could hear the sound of spring water from afar. She stood on tiptoe to look around and saw the river they saw when they came was not far away. At night, the starry sky shone on the quiet river. The river seemed to be coated with a faint silver light, emitting a slight haze.

Holding Colin's hand, Mino ran a few steps forward. At this moment, the river was in front of them. Colin looked up at the sky, which was covered with stars. Under the blue curtain, the surroundings were so quiet that they could only hear the cry of one or two insects.

On a small village in the distance, the flickering light was quiet and dim, in a sharp contrast to the bustling urban scene.

Although it was not as bright and colorful as the city, nor as noisy and bustling as the city, it was as quiet as the ancient times, giving up the prosperous modern civilization and returning to the most primitive human life.

Colin and Mino sat on the ground by the river. It was comfortable to sit on a small soft stone.

The night wind blew gently, and Mino felt that her tiredness had disappeared under the beautiful scenery of the cold wind. She squinted at everything in front of her and sighed, "if only I could live here all the time!"

Seeing the loving expressions on their faces, Ryan shook his head helplessly. He walked over to Mino and sat down. "Are you sure without giving you a TV and a cell phone, you can live here for a lifetime? And what's more, can you plant vegetables? I can't hunt! "

Mino tilted his head to look at Ryan, who was serious, and curled his lips with dissatisfaction. "You know how to destroy the atmosphere! He shouldn't have said such disappointing words at this time. What a man! If a woman said she wants to live here for a lifetime, as a gentle and considerate man, you have to say, "as long as you want, I will accompany you for a lifetime!"

Seeing that Mino was pretending to be a man with a coarse voice, Ryan couldn't help but reach out to rub her long hair. A breeze blew her hair, and wisps of dark fragrance came, with an intoxicating smell.

"Okay. My dear wife, do you want to live here for the rest of your life?"

Ryan asked Mino with a smile. Seeing that her long hair was disheveled by the wind, he reached out his hand and carefully helped her smooth her hair to the back of the ear. When her fingers touched the tip of her ears, the tickling coldness made Mino shrink her neck.

"I don't want to live here for the rest of my life! Do you want my son to be a virgin here? "

After saying that, she reached out and grabbed Ryan's hand. She frowned and said unhappily, "why is your hand so cold? Do you feeling uncomfortable? "

Ryan held Mino's hand with his backhand and shook his head slightly. "It's okay. I just touched the water of the river, so my hands are a little cold."

Hearing what Ryan said, Mino also stretched out her han

ruggled for a few times, but there no use. It could be seen that the strength gap between the two people was huge.

After a while, Mino stared at him angrily, "why don't you let me go?"

Her voice was a little shy and a little angry. It didn't sound like she was angry, but like she was acting like a spoiled child. Of course, Ryan wouldn't let go of Mino's hand so easily. He got close to Mino and pressed his lips tightly against Mino's ear. As long as he moved his lips slightly, they would touch the sensitive tip of her ear.

"No, I won't let you go for the rest of my life!"

His voice was low and nasal, magnetic and warm. Mino completely forgot what she wanted to say just now. Her face flushed and her breath deepened unconsciously because of Ryan's words.

Seeing that she looked as if she had lost her soul, Ryan didn't remind her. He just pursed his lips and smiled. It was not until Mino came to herself that he added, "This is a promise, and it will never change all my life!"

At this moment, Mino finally understood why a girlfriend cared so much about her boyfriend watching the snow, moon and stars, talking from poems, songs to philosophy of life with another girl!

After all, in such a beautiful scene, people's psychological defense was much weaker. Just a few words of Ryan made her restless!

Seeing that Mino's face turned red again with satisfaction, Ryan smiled like a sly fox. His long and narrow eyes slightly curved into a crescent moon arc, and the corners of his mouth rose. His well-shaped lips drew a beautiful line.

After a long while, Mino finally came to her senses. She couldn't help but push Ryan's shoulder and said discontentedly, "who taught you these words?"

Before Ryan could say anything, she thought for a while and said, "I know. Only a gentle person like Kevin can say these words! Tell me the truth. Did you ask Kevin to teach you these words? "

Ryan curled his lips and almost rolled his eyes.

Kevin is gentle? It was she didn't know the true identity of him. If she had known that he had killed more than 20 people in a mission, she wouldn't have praised him with such gentle words.

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