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   Chapter 131 The Nearest Town To Heaven

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10433

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What if the two of them died? What about Colin?

In the past, when they didn't have a child, they always thought that sharing life and death was the most romantic thing. Now that they had a child, they knew that no matter how painful they were, they had to work hard to live for the child.

Looking at the two people's faces, Colin couldn't help but lower his head. It was too embarrassing not to mention that he knew these two people!

These words wouldn't make people feel disgusted if they really had to say goodbye to each other in life or death. But could you imagine that a group of airline stewardesses were surrounding them and the two of them were holding each other and looked at each other with love?

Finally, the plane arrived at the destination. Supported by Ryan, Mino got off the plane. With a pale face, she took a look at the blue sky. Then she bent down and vomited again.

Ryan patted her on the back and said to the people behind him.

"I'm not going to the hotel I've booked. You'll find a better hotel nearby. Besides, go and buy some medicine. Hurry up! "

The assistant behind him remembered everything and turned away.

Ryan lowered his eyes and asked Mino, "Mino, how are you? Are you feeling better? "

Mino raised her head weakly and saw that Ryan's good-looking and delicate eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. He looked worried and distressed. How could she let him worry?

She managed to straighten up and waved her hand. When she opened her mouth and wanted to say that she was fine, she vomited out loud.

"All right, all right. I know you are very uncomfortable now. You don't have to hold on. Let's go to the hotel to have a rest first. We can talk about the thing after we have a rest. Anyway, I have made a deal with the company and I will play with you and Colin outside this month. You don't have to hurry to play!"

Hearing what Ryan said, Mino stopped struggling and obediently snuggled into Ryan's arms.

Ryan stretched out his hand and lifted Mino horizontally. Regardless of the people around looked at him, he carried her to the VIP lounge of the airport.

Colin followed them closely and looked very obedient. He could act like a spoiled child in normal times, but at the critical moment, he was more sensible than anyone else.

It was not the time for him to lose his temper with his father when his mother was like this. He would do that until her mother was fine!

Several airline stewardess followed Ryan and took care of Colin. They were afraid that such a little boy would lose his way.

But after observing for a while, they found that this child was not like an ordinary child at all. He did not look around because of the prosperity of the airport, and even his eyes were full of maturity that did not belong to children.

Along the way, Ryan came to the VIP lounge with Mino in his arms. He gently put her on the sofa, looked at her pale face and said, "Are you feeling better now? Would you like some water? "

Mino nodded weakly. Ryan went to get her some water as soon as possible. He was not as arrogant as the chairman of the Yuan Fam

but after a period of time, she felt a little dizzy, her face was not good, and she had always wanted to throw up.

The stewardess was used to this kind of scene, so she knew at a glance that Mino had fainted. She quickly asked Ryan to accompany her to the bathroom to vomit for a while, and drank some water.

But even if they found it in time, it didn't work. Even if Mino took the medicine prepared on the plane, it didn't work. She still felt very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the plane was not as slow as a car. It only took less than a day to arrive at the destination. If they took a bus, it would probably take several days!

Mino struggled to stand up, looked at the sunset outside the window and sighed, "It's so beautiful here!"

Ryan walked up and hugged Mino's slender waist. His voice might be influenced by the beautiful scenery, or perhaps it was because the two people in front of him were his favorite in his life.

His voice became incomparably gentle, like the melting ice in the early spring, every time flowing on the tip of the heart.

"Although the sunset glow here is beautiful, it is not the most famous. The most famous thing is the night sky here. When the ground is dark, you can look up at the sky. Stars are dotted on the blue curtain, as if you can reach out your hand to touch it. That's the most beautiful scenery here! "

Listening to Ryan's gentle voice, Mino gradually yearned for the beautiful scenery here. It was just that the setting sun at the airport was so beautiful. If they went to a small town in the countryside, it would be like a fairyland!

"Then let's go now, okay? I can't wait to see the night scene tonight! " Mino anxiously shook Ryan's arm, acting like a spoiled child, which amused Ryan.

But when he saw her like this, all his rejection turned into agreement.

Looking at the excited Mino, Ryan reminded her.

"The temperature varied greatly between day and night here. Although it is not very cold now, it will be very cold after dark. Mino, help Colin change his clothes. His clothes are too thin."

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