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   Chapter 130 Happy Day As In Heaven

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10438

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After they had dinner, Mino changed into a simple sportswear and walked around in front of Colin and Ryan.

She said proudly, "I can also be beautiful in the sportswear, right?"

Ryan looked down at his son. After a long time, the two of them nodded in tacit agreement and said in one voice, "Yes!"

With a smile on her face, Mino said, "Well, are you two going to go out like this? How about we all change into sportswear?"

Looking at the two men in suits, Mino couldn't help but curl her lips.

Are they going to go on a trip?

It was more like going to a party!

"Mom, we are going to the airport by plane, not the tourist attraction. It's not too late to change clothes when we arrive!" Colin said.

After saying that, he still looked at Mino with an expression of concern, as if he was worried about her intelligence.

Mino opened her mouth but was rendered speechless by her son. She glared at Ryan.

It seems that he is saying that if you don't change clothes with me, I won't talk to you!

Ryan rubbed his forehead helplessly. Why did he fall in love with such a little woman!

Under the threat of Mino, Ryan could only nod.

He said slowly, "Well, I'll change into my sportswear to company you. Colin, do you want to wear that like your parents?"

Colin looked at Ryan sympathetically and shook his head firmly. He didn't want to wear sportswear like a fool! And most importantly…… It is long sleeve!

It was a hot day. Wearing sportswear in such a hot day is so easy to grow prickly heat!

He shook his head helplessly. One was a proud and domineering mother, and the other was a father who bullied the weak and feared the strong!

These two people were really a perfect match!

In the airport, Mino always felt that someone was looking at her and Ryan on the road, but more people were looking at her.

She was going to play in a small village next to the snow mountain, so the clothes she prepared were thick sportswear. It was normal to be seen like this at this time.

She finally understood why her son didn't want to wear the same sportswear as her!

Pursing her lips, Mino grabbed Ryan's arm, raised her head and walked proudly, ignoring the awe from the people in the airport.

As time went by, Mino looked at Ryan anxiously and asked, "Haven't you got the ticket ready yet?"

In contrast to Mino's anxiety, Ryan looked unhurried. His confidence calmed Mino down gradually.

When they were in the noble living room, Colin had been reading books with his head down. Mino sat down next to her son and looked at the little boy's side face which showed that he was earnest.

"Colin, aren't you worried?"

Hearing Mino's words, Colin reluctantly raised his head from the book, and then lazily said to Mino, "Anyway, the plane hasn't arrived yet. It is not useful to be worried."

Mino was stunned. She knocked on her son's head and said, "Your temper is really like your father's!"

Clearly, Colin was brought up by herself. Why did this child look so much like Ryan?

Mino couldn't figure it out, and finally she figured it out. This was the so-called blood

red water for her. His attentiveness attracted the attention of the casual airline stewardess. They wished that this man was their husband.

He was so rich and handsome. He could use a plane to please his wife when she went out to play.

When his wife was angry, he would serve tea and water attentively and have a good temper. Even if his wife was angry, he would coax her patiently. This was the first gentle man they had ever seen!

But looking at the angry woman in front of them, it was obvious that she didn't know how lucky she was!

Mino was so angry that she couldn't figure out what the airline stewardess was thinking. But when she saw that Ryan would help her do this and then do that, she was less angry. When they were about to land, the plane suddenly encountered a stream of air, and a violent shake made people sit on the plane in disorder.

Mino was already very sensitive, and after reading all kinds of news, she couldn't help but frighten herself.

She looked at Ryan nervously and said in a trembling voice, "We…… Are we going to crash?"

She seldom took a plane, so she didn't know much about it. It was normal for plane to encounter airflows.

Ryan could feel the nervousness in Mino's heart at the moment. He patted her on the back to comfort her, and said. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm here."

Such a romantic and warm sentence made the airline stewardess envious again.

However, this warm scene suddenly stopped in another sentence of Mino, "What's the use of you? You are not the captain of plane."

As soon as Mino finished her words, the airline stewardess present couldn't help but burst into laughter. Seeing that Ryan was speechless, they didn't dare to laugh too loudly. It was so funny to hold back their laughter.

"Even if there is something wrong with the plane, I will be with you."

Ryan brought the most romantic words he had ever thought of. Mino was stunned. She raised her head and looked at Ryan's serious face. After a while, she shook her head and said, "No, if that's the case, you stay and take care of Colin."

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