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   Chapter 129 So Sweet

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What if…… The more she thought about it, the more miserable she felt. But she didn't want to be obedient, so she walked very slowly. It took her a few minutes to reach half a meter away from Ryan.

Ryan didn't say anything from beginning to end. He just threatened with his eyes, as if he was saying, "Come closer, or you should know the consequences!"

Mino tightened her bathrobe to make sure that it wouldn't fall. Then she took two more steps forward.

At this moment, she walked completely to the side of Ryan. Looking at his condescending look, Mino was a little scared.

She had just made fun of him with noodles. According to his vengeful and stingy character, it seemed that he should still remember it clearly now.

"Well, it's late now. You'd better go to bed!"

Mino said cautiously. On the one hand, she was observing the expression on Ryan's face nervously; on the other hand, she moved aside bit by bit.

However, before she could take two steps forward, she was pulled into Ryan's arms. "Mino, how long do you want to be so cold to me?"

Ryan's voice was a little angry. Mino shrank her body and looked at him pitifully with her big eyes.

Ryan's anger disappeared when he saw the pitiful look on her fair face.

He looked at Mino helplessly, lowered his head and kissed her forehead. "What should I do with you?"

Ryan's voice was a little trembling, which made Mino stop pretending to be pitiful.

She quickly raised her head and said, "In fact, you have been very good to me these days. I just……"

The rest of her words were stuck in her mouth……

The first ray of sunshine in the morning shone on Mino's black hair. She lazily opened her eyes. Thinking of last night, she couldn't help but blush.

After turning her head sideways slightly, Mino looked at Ryan, who was sleeping soundly on the bed. He had a tall nose, a delicate face, and a slightly affectionate lips. Although every part was not the most perfect, it was so unique when pieced together.

Ryan's lips were light, but very beautiful. She looked at them carefully and couldn't help but touch them again and again with a faint smile on her face.

In his sleep, Ryan couldn't help frowning. He turned over in a daze, but he still couldn't avoid Mino's trick.

He irritably reached out his hand to shake off the feeling, but it was still useless.

After a long time, Ryan, who couldn't fall asleep anymore, finally opened his eyes.

an couldn't help but want to knock her head.

"Now that I have promised you, I must have my own way to do the thing. Little fool, go and call Colin, or you will miss the flight. At that time don't blame me for not taking you there!"

Hearing what Ryan said, Mino gave him a look as if she asked why he didn't tell her earlier and then quickly disappeared in front of Ryan.

Looking at the woman who ran away without a trace, Ryan shook his head helplessly and smiled.

When Mino arrived at Colin's room, the little boy had already woken up and had already put on his clothes. Seeing Mino coming, he raised his hand and gave Mino a hug.

Mino looked at Colin with amusement, "What's wrong? Colin will never be like this!"

Colin said sadly, "I had a dream. I dreamed that mom abandoned me!"

The smile on Mino's face disappeared in an instant. She looked at Colin seriously and said, "Colin is my sweetheart. Even if mommy lose my life, I won't abandon Colin. So don't think too much. Go and wash your face. Your father has ordered food. We will go out to play after eating. You must be bored these days!"

Ryan was also nervous about Colin. Generally, Colin was not allowed to go out unless there was something important. Even when Cherry came wanting to live with Colin for a few days, Ryan didn't agree.

Although the little boy didn't say anything these days and behaved very quietly, as a mother, her intuition told her that he was bored to death.

Sure enough, when Colin heard that she was going to go out with him today, his big eyes lit up in an instant. He nodded with a smile and trotted to wash up.

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